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Our Partners

Be part of our story: Support KnacktiveThe faculty and students are thankful for the relationships with various organizations that have helped to support Knacktive. Without the assistance of the following companies and organizations, Knacktive would not be such a successful opportunity for our students.


  • Dani Allen
  • Brooke Beason
  • Roger Blackwell
  • Kelsey Chabot
  • Kevin Dugan
  • Alex Edwards
  • Kelly Ferguson
  • Tim Gillissen
  • Bill Musgrave
  • Ellen Neidlinger
  • Neal Neumeyer
  • Lisa Qualls
  • Erin Parnell
  • Katie Pierce
  • Kim Porter
  • Rob Romine
  • Scott Rowe
  • Thomas Sanchez
  • Kelsey Schriver
  • Brian Swafford
  • Chris Wallen
  • Cody Winter