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Sorority women in their sophomore year have the opportunity to live together. Roberta Hall is home to Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Mu, Sigma Kappa and Sigma Sigma Sigma sororities. Each sorority is assigned a wing in the hall that they make their home with sorority specific information, symbols and mascots. Along with assigned wings, each resident sorority has a chapter room that they may use for their own general purposes, such as study space, meetings and sisterhood events.

Location: East side of campus near the Student Union and academic buildings.

Double Occupancy + Residential Unlimited Food Plan

*Starting at
per semester

Available Options

Private Room
+ $912
14 Swipes/Week Food Plan
– $425
10 Swipes/Week Food Plan
– $537
  • Upper-class Sorority

  • Sorority residence hall with chapter rooms
  • Private bathroom shared by two rooms
  • Large closets

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Live minutes from everything

We keep it 100 with most campus buildings a 10-minute walk away. Check out our res life virtual tour to see where the res halls are in proximity to other academic and activity buildings.

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  • in-suite bathroom
  • in-hall laundry room
  • in-hall kitchen
  • in-hall living space
  • study and social lounge
  • sand volleyball court
  • movable furniture

I hope that every girl involved in a sorority has the opportunity to live in Roberta because you get to create relationships with girls from different Greek chapters and make lifelong friendships.

Hannah Brod

Room Types and Rates

*Housing + Room Cost Breakdown Per Semester Yearly Total

Double Occupancy + Residential Unlimited Food Plan (base rate)

$3,561 + $2,267



Double Occupancy + 14 Swipes/Week Food Plan

$3,561 + $1,842



Double Occupancy + 10 Swipes/Week Food Plan

$3,561 + $1,730



Private Room + Residential Unlimited Food Plan

$4,473 + $2,267



Private Room + 14 Swipes/Week Food Plan

$4,473 + $1,842



Private Room + 10 Swipes/Week Food Plan

$4,473 + $1,730



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*Rates for 2024-2025 academic year.

The More You Know

  • Private bathroom shared by two rooms or 3-5 people depending on room sizes.
  • Air conditioning available.
  • Free use of washers and dryers located on the hall's basement level.
  • Two community style kitchenettes located in the basement consisting of a stovetop oven, microwave and sink.
  • Halls are secured 24/7 with an electronic access system.
  • Free Wi-Fi access in hall and room.
  • Roberta Hall houses only sorority women.
  • Only fish allowed as pets.
  • Chapter room lounges for each sorority and main lounge on first floor.
  • Sand volleyball court located nearby behind Hudson-Perrin.
  • Furniture includes bunkable, loftable, or single beds, built-in closet, movable desk, chair and dresser.
  • This hall has elevator access.
  • Access to networked laser printer located at hall front desk.

Measurements and Floor Plans

Room configuration may vary based on location (ex: corner room). Click on the image for a larger view.

Room Specifications:

  • Windows: sizes vary from room to room
    • Blinds provided
  • Ceiling: 8' (H)
  • Door: 36" by 80"
  • Closet: sizes and layouts vary from room to room
  • Mattress: 80" long (extra-long twin sheets recommended)
  • All furniture is free standing with bunkable beds.

Note: Rooms vary in size. All furniture must remain in the room. There is no additional space for storage.

Roberta Hall floor plan

Contact and Mailing Information

Hall Director

Forest Village Apartments & Roberta

How to address mail to this hall

First and last name
### Roberta Hall
635 University Dr.
Maryville, MO 64468-6002

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Dining on campus

Dining on campus

Whether you’re craving a late-night snack or a delicious meal on campus, we’ve got you covered. The J.W. Jones Student Union houses several stations to fit your nutritional needs. This is also the perfect place to catch up and grab a bite to eat with friends!

Beginning fall 2023, we’re welcoming Chick-fil-A, McAlister’s Deli, Qdoba and MrBeast Burger in the J.W. Jones Student Union, Starbucks in the B.D. Owens Library and Buffalo Wild Wings in The Station (in 2024). 

Whoever said college food isn’t good clearly hasn’t visited Northwest!

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