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Social Justice Institution

The Social Justice Institute (SJI) is a five-week, cohort-based program for all Northwest employees to enhance and refine their skills and competencies to create greater inclusion for all community members.

In the five-week cohort, participants will engage in authentic dialogue around individual identities, awareness, and how to use your allyship through leadership. The Social Justice Institute aims to create a more inclusive campus environment to enhance the success of all students.

Beginning January 31, the Spring 2024 will consist of two cohort groups, Wednesday (1-2:30 p.m.) and Thursday (noon- 1:20 p.m.). 

SJI Modules and Dates:

Module 1:  Introduction to Social Change/ (Jan. 31, Feb. 1) Creating and shared understanding of Diversity and Belonging; Defining Social Change Model and Social Justice; Individual vs. Social Identity; Exploring the importance of a shared understanding of language and terminology.

Module 2: Anti-Bias Framework and Mitigating Bias in Academic Workplace (Feb. 7, Feb. 8) Tools in understanding implicit/explicit bias and tools to reduce and/or challenge in academic and social settings.

Module 3: Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations (Feb. 21, Feb. 22) Practical skills, tools & resources to implement social change and manage conflicts or barriers. Practice difficult conversations and conflicts around Diversity and Inclusion.

Module 4:  Supporting and Affirming Underrepresented Identities (Feb.28, Feb. 29) Defining and breaking down misconceptions around underrepresented populations and identities; Unpacking misconceptions of privilege (situational vs. identity privilege) and how to utilize it to assist others.

Module 5: Allyship through Leadership (Mar. 6., Mar.7) Defining Shared Equity Model of Leadership; How to be an effective ally; Leadership accountability and cultural impact of allyship.

Registration closed for 2024.