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Social Justice Institution

The Social Justice Institute (SJI) is a cohort-based forum for Northwest employees to become leaders in diversity and inclusion. The Social Justice Institute allows participants understand differences, create access and opportunities, help develop a sense of belonging within the university community, as well as lead more inclusive teams effectively to better the Northwest community.

In the six-week cohort participants will engage in authentic dialogue around individual identities, awareness, acceptance to understanding, mitigating bias, and how to use your allyship through leadership. Also, participants will learn more about their own identity as it relates to power, while analyzing ways their identities affect everyday decision making. The Social Justice Institute aims to create a more inclusive campus environment to enhance the success of all students.

Fall 2023 Dates

Cohort A                          Cohort B

Oct. 5                               Oct. 6

Oct. 19                             Oct. 20

Nov. 2                              Nov.  3

Nov. 16                            Nov. 17

Nov. 30                            Dec. 1

Dec. 7                               Dec. 8