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Multicultural Student Organizations

B.S.U.- Black Student Union

The Black Student Union strives to embrace Blackness in all its forms by Creating an intellectual, cultural and social environment for Northwest Missouri State University through awareness, education and action.


Helping Everyone Regardless of Orientation (HERO)

The HERO community provides a safe place for members to share their views and identities. Our focus is on Acceptance, Community, Education and Activism.


International Student Organization (ISO)

ISO wants to be a family, a supportive and fun environment to meet new friends and learn about each other's cultures!


First Ladies Organization

Leading the way for women on campus through academic excellence and creativity.


Minority Men’s Organization (MMO)

Committed to the advancement of minority men on campus.


Spiritually Involved Sisters Together Achieving Harmony (SISTAH)

Women’s organization that focuses on creating a sincere bond between the women of Northwest.


Indian Student Association (ISA)

ISA is by Indian students for the well-being of Indian students to make their journey to graduation the most memorable. 


African Student Organization (ASO)

To bring the African culture and awareness to Northwest Missouri State University. To help international students feel home while away at home.