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About The Office of Diversity & Inclusion


The Office for Diversity & Inclusion strives to advance Northwest’s efforts for academic success and inclusive excellence. Through strategic initiatives, partnerships, policy development, innovation, and education, we aim to preserve a campus community that demonstrates respect, understanding, and acceptance of all individuals. 


It is our desire to shape Northwest future to one where our diverse community has continual growth, support, and fully realizes their potential and impact on Northwest, the city of Maryville, and beyond.

Goals for ODI:

  1. To encourage a sense of belonging and community for all at Northwest.
  2. Work together to recruit and retain a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff.
  3. To provide knowledge, education, and professional growth on topics that inform our world perspectives and challenge stereotypes and biases.
  4. To be available to listen and learn about the concerns of our diverse community to become a better university.

Diversity & Inclusion Reports