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Pre-Physical Therapy

Program(s) Available: Pre-professional

Northwest's pre-physical therapy program provides a well-rounded science foundation for students who choose to complete their bachelor’s degree in preparation for graduate school. Students gain valuable knowledge of the human body and human behavior, allowing them to work with patients suffering from managed injuries or chronic conditions.

Why Study Pre-Physical Therapy at Northwest

Northwest offers pre-professional courses of study encompassing many careers. In most instances, these courses have been compiled with specific requirements of professional schools. Many professional schools require specific procedures regarding entrance tests, application deadlines and interviews. Thus, students are encouraged to speak with faculty advisors to identify the best path to achieve their goals.

Students interested in attending a physical therapy school should know the prerequisites for admission to their intended school. These include minimum coursework in biology, chemistry, physics and classes in our general education curriculum. In addition to these minimum requirements, students should select a major with enough additional coursework to give them the best possible chance of scoring well on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Some majors will successfully prepare students for graduate school, including the Bachelor of Science in biology and psychology, biology-biomedical sciences and applied health sciences.

*Enrollment is not open to students on F-1 Visas for the pre-professional program.

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