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Have you ever wondered how our brains function and why we behave the way we do? Just reading this, you now have these thoughts populating in your head. If you want to dive deep into the mind, read more about our fascinating Biology/Psychology major at Northwest!

Why Study Biology/Psychology at Northwest

Biopsychology is such a unique field that opens doors to a variety of job opportunities. Whether you're interested in human services or research, there is a job molded to your interests.  

Northwest faculty focuses on three areas: genetics, evolution and neuroscience, the study of the brain. Genetics courses concentrate on the inherited factors that influence behavior, such as mental illness and behavioral traits; evolution courses emphasize the significance and benefits of the size of the brain; and courses about the brain focus on the functions, malfunctions and brain disease. Not many students can say they discovered the science on what makes a person tick!

Career Ready

“Northwest was the starting point for where I wanted to go. It’s a stepping stone to future goals, career plans and to becoming a better student and leader.” — Maile Johnson

Career Opportunities

  • Animal Behavior
  • Drug Researcher
  • Forensics Psychology
  • Physical Therapy
  • Crisis Responder
  • Neuroscientist

What Can I Do With a Major in Biology/Psychology?

I Will Listen Campaign

Students and faculty developed the #IWILLLISTEN Campaign in 2015 to raise awareness about mental health in a practical, safe and social environment with professional, community and campus support. 

Each year, during Brain Injury Awareness Month, the department hosts an event to raise awareness of brain injury. Helmets are provided to kids and fitted appropriately to promote safety.


I Will Listen Campaign

Student Organizations

The Behavioral Science Association (BSA) is a student-led organization aimed at promoting good mental health in the Northwest community. In BSA, members are able to expand their knowledge about the behavioral sciences while engaging in philanthropic, networking and service-related activities at Northwest and within the local community.


Student Organizations

Social Science Research Group

Northwest also provides organizations such as the Social Science Research Group (SSRG), a student-led research project that works together with professors to design research projects, collect data, analyze the results and present data at the Great Plains Psychology Conference.

Social Science Research Group
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