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Human Resource Management

Program(s) Available: B.S.

Are you someone who likes to train, develop or motivate others? Human resource managers have various roles including recruiting and hiring employees and setting company goals.

Why Study Human Resource Management at Northwest

The human resource management major at Northwest is intended for students interested in going deeper into the development of people in orgranizations. Faculty focus on ensuring students have knowledge of benefits, recruitment, selection, professional development and compensation. Students will also learn about teamwork and the importance of leadership within a business or organization.

Interested in our online program?

Earn your bachelor’s degree on a schedule that works for you. An online program is available in human resource management.

Are you a transfer student? A B.A.S. program is available.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) is a flexible, individually tailored degree for students pursuing a vocational, technical or associate degree. Students may find a B.A.S. appealing for the following reasons:

  • Shorter time to degree by maximizing the transfer of vocational and technical courses toward a four-year degree
  • Requires fewer Northwest Core courses (general education courses)
  • A personalized and flexible degree plan
  • Cost-effective

Check out the benefits of our B.A.S. programs.

Career ready
Human Resources

“I believe in myself 100 percent now, and I know I am capable of anything I want in life.” — Taina Diaz

Career Opportunities

  • Human resource manager or assistant
  • Employee relations manager
  • Employment manager
  • Benefits coordinator or manager
  • Training and development coordinator

What Can I Do With a Major in Human Resource Management?

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