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Welcome to Northwest Online. Here you will find direction to help make your online student experience successful. Keep reading for information on important dates, registering for classes, financial aid, making payments, textbook information, and contact information.

Important Upcoming Dates

Term Registration Deadline Payment Deadline Class Begins Class Ends
Summer 1 2024 4/22/2024 4/24/2024 4/29/2024 6/14/2024
Summer 2 2024 6/14/2024 6/18/2024 6/24/2024 8/9/2024
Fall 1 2024 8/19/2024 8/21/2024 8/26/2024 10/11/2024
Fall 2 2024 10/14/2024 10/16/2024 10/21/2024 12/6/2024
Spring 1 2025 1/7/2025 1/8/2025 1/13/2025 2/28/2025
Spring 2 2025 3/3/2025 3/5/2025 3/10/2025 4/25/2025

Refund Policy for Dropped Course

Refund/Reduction Day of Session
100% Day 2
75% Day 4
50% Day 6
25% Day 8


Kait Miller

Kait Miller

Online Undergraduate Advisor

Academic Areas:

  • Business (Management; Marketing; Human Resources Management; Finance)

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Grace Stephens

Grace Stephens

Online Undergraduate Advisor 

Academic Areas:

  • Computer Science and Information Systems (All Majors)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Political Science; Criminology)
  • Health Science and Wellness (Sociology)
  • Business (Accounting)

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Katelyn Noble

Katelyn Noble

Transfer Advisor 

Academic Areas:

  • Health Science and Wellness (Psychology)

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Jared Larson

Jared Larson

Transfer Advisor 

Academic Areas:

  • Communication and Mass Media (Public Relations)
  • General Studies
  • Non-Degree Seeking

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Undergraduate Advisement

Northwest provides all undergraduate students with personalized advising that ensures their individual major and career goals are aligned and supported. After acceptance, you will meet with your advisor to review your degree audit and discuss your enrollment plan. You will meet with your online advisor at least once a semester to ensure you are on track for completion. Your advisor will discuss your upcoming class options and provide you with an alternate PIN to enroll yourself through CatPAWS. Online Orientation to Canvas is available inside the Canvas system. You will have access to the Northwest Online Orientation course site in your Canvas dashboard.

At Northwest Online we will be here to help you as you work your way through your program. We want to provide you with connections to campus to help you succeed. Within a few weeks after you enroll, you will receive an e-mail to your Northwest account providing you with connection to an online professional student success plan. Later on, you will be receiving a Career Refresh e-mail which connects you with valuable campus career resources to help you in preparing you for next career steps.

Graduate Advisement

Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor, who is an expert in their field, upon entry into the program. Your advisor will provide information on your program plan upon first contact. Use this as a guide for future enrollments. Online Orientation to Canvas is available inside the Canvas system. You will have access to the Northwest Online Orientation course site in your Canvas dashboard.

At Northwest Online we will be here to help you as you work your way through your program. We want to provide you with connections to campus to help you succeed. Within a few weeks after you enroll, you will receive an e-mail to your Northwest account providing you with connection to an online professional student success plan. Later on, you will be receiving a Career Refresh e-mail which connects you with valuable campus career resources to help you in preparing you for next career steps.

After clicking the link below, select the Achieving Success section.

Find Your Advisor

Program Leads

Northwest Online Undergraduate Programs

Program(s) Lead Contact

Arts and Sciences

  • BS Criminology
  • BAS Criminology
  • BS Political Science (minor required)
  • BS Political Science: Public Administration
  • BS Political Science: Global Affairs
  • BS Political Science: American Institutions
  • BAS Political Science
  • BAS Political Science: Public Administration
  • BAS Political Science: Global Affairs
  • BAS Political Science: American Institutions

Jessica GraceyDr. Jessica Gracey
Associate Professor/Chair

  • BS General Studies
  • BAS General Studies

Dawn GilleyDr. Dawn Gilley
Associate Professor

  • BS Psychology
  • BAS Psychology

Alisha FrancisDr. Alisha Francis

  • BS BAS Public Relations
  • BAS Public Relations

Joy DaggsDr. Joy Daggs
Associate Professor

  • BS: Sociology

Giselle GreenidgeDr. Giselle Greenidge
Assistant Professor


  • BS Accounting: Managerial
  • BS Accounting: Public
  • BS Marketing
  • BS Business Management
  • BS Finance: Financial Management
  • BS Human Resource Management
  • BAS Marketing
  • BAS Business Management

Ben BlackfordDr. Ben Blackford

  • BS Business Technology
  • BAS Computer Business Applications

Cari ClineCari Cline
Senior Instructor


  • BS Nursing (RN to BSN)

Brooke McAteeDr. Brooke McAtee


  • BS Management Information Systems: Cybersecurity
  • BS Management Information Systems: Data Analytics
  • BAS Information Technology: Data Analytics
  • BAS Information Technology: General
  • BAS Information Technology: Cybersecurity

Matthew SchieberMatthew Schieber
Sr. Instructor

Northwest Online Graduate Programs

Program(s) Lead Contact


  • MBA Accounting
  • MBA Agriculture Economics
  • MBA Business Analytics
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA General
  • MBA Geographic Information Science
  • MBA Healthcare Management
  • MBA Management
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Human Resources Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate in Finance
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Marketing

No pictureDr. Araceli H. Gonzalez
Assistant Professor

Shih-Hsien ChuangDr. Shih-Hsien Chuang
Associate Professor


  • MSEd Curriculum & Instruction: General

Cynthia Schairer-KesslerDr. Cynthia Schairer-Kessler
Assistant Professor

  • MSEd Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology

Cari ClineCari Cline
Senior Instructor

  • MSEd Early Childhood Education

Rebecca MooreDr. Rebecca A. Moore
Assistant Professor

  • MSEd Educational Diagnostician
  • MSEd Educational Diagnostician with School Psychological Examiner Certification
  • EdS Educational Diagnostician

Sara TaylorDr. Sara Taylor
Assistant Professor

  • MSEd Educational Leadership K-12

David KieneDr. David Kiene
Associate Professor

  • EdS Educational Leadership K-12
  • EdS Generalist
  • EdS Superintendent

Kristi AlexanderDr. Kristi Alexander

  • MSEd Elementary Mathematics
  • MSEd Teaching Mathematics
  • Graduate Certificate in Elementary Mathematics

Jennifer WallDr. Jennifer Wall
Associate Professor

  • MSEd Health and Physical Education

Damon LeissDr. Damon Leiss
Assistant Professor

  • MSEd Reading

Beth GregoryDr. Beth Gregory
Assistant Professor

  • MSEd Special Education

Shantel FarnanDr. Shantel Farnan
Associate Professor

  • MSEd in Special Education with Certification

Tamara LynnDr. Tamara Lynn
Assistant Professor

Other Programs

  • MS Data Analytics
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Joni AdkinsDr. Joni Adkins

  • MS Geographic Information Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Ming-Chih HungDr. Ming-Chih Hung

  • MS Mathematics

Jawad SadekDr. Jawad Sadek

  • MS Nursing Educator
  • MS Nursing Executive
  • Nurse Educator Certificate
  • Nursing Administration Certificate

Brooke McAteeDr. Brooke McAtee

  • MS Nutrition

Karima AlabasiDr. Karima Alabasi
Assistant Professor

  • MS Recreation: Recreation Management
  • MS Recreation: Sport Management

Damon LeissDr. Damon Leiss
Assistant Professor

  • MS Recreation: Therapeutic Recreation

No photoDr. Michelle Bateman

  • MA Strategic Communications

Kylie WilsonDr. Kylie Wilson
Assistant Professor

Online Professional Success Plan

Balancing life, learning, and livelihood!



  • Stay organized. Managing family life and a job on top of school can be a challenge for the average adult student. The key to success is staying organized so you ensure you prioritize different tasks effectively and switch between them more efficiently. 
  • Create a schedule and manage your time wisely.  Keep a semester and a weekly calendar. On the first day of class, read the course syllabus and enter all due dates in your calendar, along with reminders for the due dates. 
  • Commit to studying or participating in your online class for at least three hours per week for every one credit hour the course is worth. According to experienced online learners, one of the most helpful tips for online learning is to be deliberate with your time. Prioritize your work. What due dates are coming up first? What information is the most important for you to learn? What assignments are worth the most points? Make a smart decision about how to best spend your time.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask questions when you need help with understanding content. Take advantage of the opportunities to interact with instructors and classmates to enhance your learning. Be comfortable with seeking help by asking questions in discussions in an online class. Be sure to seek clarification or answers to questions you may have.
  • Familiarize yourself with technology used for classes.  Technology is your friend! While computers and digital resources may not have been as prevalent the last time you were in school, technology largely impacts the modern student. Being familiar with your computer and various learning apps can help adult learners with note-taking, brainstorming, researching, communication, studying and more. There are a wide variety of library resources available online today so make sure you know how to log-in to your Northwest’s network.
  • Revisit writing fundamentals. Regardless of what degree you plan on pursuing, college requires proper writing fundamentals. Everything from writing your college application to essays, dissertations, labs, notes, resumes or even emails to your professors requires knowing best writing practices. So by revisiting basic grammar rules now, you can save yourself frustration the first few weeks of school. Don’t be overwhelmed; you’ll be surprised how quickly you can brush up on your writing skills!

Professional Success Support Team

[Undergraduate] How to Register for My Courses

  • Obtain your Alternate PIN from your advisor
    • The Alternate PIN is either six alpha characters (all CAPS), or six numeric digits. No PINs are combination of alpha and numeric.
  • Use Northwest Scheduler to register in your advised schedule

[Graduate] How to Register for My Courses

  • Log into CatPAWS using the following credentials: Northwest Network Account username and password. First time users will need to set up an initial password.
  • Select Student Tab: Registration: Add/Drop Classes: Select Term: Click Submit.
  • Fill in the boxes with the CRN(s) necessary for your next selected course.
  • CRNs can be found at and select appropriate term and department.
  • Although the parameters are optional, your search will be more effective using the following parameters: Course Level = Graduate Level, Part of Term = Online Professional Block 1 or Online Professional Block 2, Attribute Type =Online Professional Only
  • Click Submit Changes to view course schedule.

*Students stepping out for a semester (spring or fall) or more must submit a Returning Graduate Application. Choose application type "03.Graduate-Retuning/Former".

Textbooks and Materials

After successfully registering for classes, you can check the Online Professional Textbook Finder to determine which books you will be required to use. Remember to buy any materials you need as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences and delays. There are many vendors from which to choose.

Online Professional Textbook Finder

Required University Surveys and Exams for Online Professional Undergraduate Students

Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (NL-SSI)

The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (NL-SSI) is a nationally recognized tool used to assess the quality of student life and learning. It measures student satisfaction and priorities, showing how satisfied students are as well as what issues are important to them. This data is used to guide strategic action planning, strengthen student retention initiatives, meet accreditation requirements, identify areas of strength for institutional marketing, and chart progress toward campus goals. If the survey is not taken, a hold will be put on Juniors for preregistration. There is an N/A option for questions on Noel Levitz survey.

Visit Surveys

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is used to identify aspects of the undergraduate experience inside and outside the classroom that can be improved through changes in policies and practices that are consistent with good practices in undergraduate education. This survey is administered to Freshmen and Seniors. There is an N/A option for questions on Noel Levitz survey. If the survey is not taken, a hold will be put on for preregistration.

Visit Surveys

Assessment of Core Proficiencies

This exam tests general college-level reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics. It includes material usually covered in core courses. You should plan to spend two hours completing the assessment. The State of Missouri requires administration of this assessment. Commonly referred to as the junior assessment. Students at or reaching junior status (around 60 credit hours) will receive an email to their Northwest student email when they should complete the exam with instructions about registering for a session.

Visit Assessment of Core Proficiencies Schedule

Financial Aid

  • Undergraduate Students: Depending upon your entry point in the program, you may only have certain classes available to you as a first time student. Because of this, it is important to note that to receive Federal Financial Aid assistance you must be registered at least as a half-time student, enrolled in 6 hours each semester. (Please discuss any additional concerns with your advisor and/or the financial aid office.)
  • Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide our graduate students attending college or career school with the opportunity to use Federal student loan funds to help pay their educational costs.
  • If you have not already done so, please visit and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will allow us to determine how much student aid you are eligible for and will help you pay for any education- related expenses. (Note: To see if you qualify and to request further information, you can visit:
  • Items required: Internet-enabled device, a copy of your and/or your parents' (if applicable) income tax return from the previous year, relevant W2 forms, a Social Security number, and Northwest Missouri State's Federal School Code (002496). For additional requirements, visit:
  • For greater assistance, please visit Northwest's Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance. Here, you can find resources and more information on how you can apply for financial aid, academic requirements, loan processes, etc.
  • If you have already applied for financial aid, please check your student email periodically for any updates that may be sent to you regarding the status of your aid.
  • Important Notice: Be aware that registering for classes incurs a financial obligation. Payment is due for all online classes prior to the first day of class. Please plan accordingly, as disbursement of financial aid may follow your payment due date.

How to Make My Payment

It is important to note that students who do not have authorized financial aid are required to pay tuition in full before classes start. To determine the payment due, please visit the Payment Center.

View tuition rates, important financial dates and refund policy »

Making Payments on CatPAWS

  1. Go to Pay Your Bill
  2. Use your Northwest Network Account username (without and password
  3. Select Make a Payment to process your transaction
    • Payment methods include electronic check, debit or credit with a 2.75% convenience fee.
    • We recommend you save your payment method for future use.

Career Refresh

Follow these Steps for a Career Refresh

  • Resume Refresh

    • Select an effective resume format
    • Focus on skills you’ve gained and create strong bullet points
    • Add contact information
    • Create a strong bulleted summary
    • Tailor your resume to the job description
    • Tell a clear picture of your career path
    • Include an education section
  • E-mail your resume and cover letter to have them review

  • Reach out to a professional in your field of interest.

  • Create or Update Your LinkedIn Profile View PDF

    • Choose the right profile picture with your face taking up 60% of the photo and add a background photo to engage viewers
    • Create a headline that is more than a job title
    • Make your summary YOUR story
  • Track Job Applications

    • Stay organized with each job applied for during your search
    • Use Excel, Word, or a job search management application

Job Tracking Spreadsheet example

  • Practice Interviewing

    • Make sure you have a story toolbox! Use this tool to help you or reach out to Career Services
    • Create a toolbox of personal and professional stories to use for answers to interview questions
  • Reach Out

    • Contact the Career Services Office at Northwest Missouri State University via e-mail, phone, or web site for assistance with resume and cover letter review or just if you have questions

Contact Information

Undergraduate Students
Online Transfer Academic Advisor

Graduate Students
Graduate Record Specialist


Northwest Online


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.