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Assessment of Core Proficiencies

Click here to schedule a session for the Assessment of Core Proficiencies.  You will be asked to login with your Northwest network credentials.

FAQs regarding the Assessment of Core Proficiencies

What is this and why do I have to take it?

The Assessment of Core Proficiencies is a multiple-choice computer-based test.  It tests general college-level reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics.  It includes material usually covered in core courses.  You should plan to spend two hours completing the assessment.

The State of Missouri requires we administer this assessment.  It is part of the performance funding formula and factors into the funding Northwest receives from the state.    

It was previously called the General Education Assessment.  It is also commonly referred to as the junior assessment.

Students at or reaching junior status (around 60 hours) will receive an email to their Northwest student email when they should complete the exam with instructions about registering for a session.

Is this an excused absence from class?

No, you should not miss class in order to complete the ACP.  Please pick a time that does not interfere with your class schedule.

My major is . . . , what session should I attend?

If your major is Attend a session designated for
Accounting Business
Agricultural Business Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Science Agricultural Sciences
Agronomy Agricultural Sciences
Animal Science Agricultural Sciences
Animal Science (Pre-Vet) Agricultural Sciences
Applied Health: Aging Studies Health Science and Wellness
Applied Health: Exercise Sci Health Science and Wellness
Art Fine and Performing Arts
Art: Graphic Design Fine and Performing Arts
Art: Studio Fine and Performing Arts
BAS - Agriculture Agricultural Sciences
Biology Natural Sciences
Biology/Psychology Natural Sciences
Biology: Biomedical Sciences Natural Sciences
Biology: General Biology Natural Sciences
Biomedical Sci: Chiropractic Natural Sciences
Business Management Business
Business Meta Major-Deciding Business
Business Technology Computer Science and Information Systems
Chemistry (ACS Accredited) Natural Sciences
Chemistry: Biochemistry Emph Natural Sciences
Chemistry: Medicinal Chem Emph Natural Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Natural Sciences
Communication: Interpersonal Communication and Mass Media
Communication: Rhetoric Communication and Mass Media
Communication:Public Relations Communication and Mass Media
Computer Science Computer Science and Information Systems
Criminology: Adult System Humanities and Social Sciences
Cybersecurity Computer Science and Information Systems
Data Sci/Informatics: Business Business
Data Sci/Informatics: Comp Sci Computer Science and Information Systems
Emergency & Disaster Mgmt Humanities and Social Sciences
Finance: Corporate Finance Business
Finance: Financial Management Business
Finance: Financial Services Business
Foods & Nutrition: Dietetics Health Science and Wellness
Geology: Environmental Natural Sciences
Geology: General Natural Sciences
GIS: Civil/Public Emphasis Humanities and Social Sciences
GIS: Data and Technology Emph Humanities and Social Sciences
GIS: Geographic Emphasis Humanities and Social Sciences
History Humanities and Social Sciences
Horticulture Agricultural Sciences
Human Services Health Science and Wellness
IDM: Computer Sci Programming Computer Science and Information Systems
IDM: Visual Imaging Fine and Performing Arts
International Business Business
Liberal Arts and Sciences Any
Management Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Marine Biology Natural Sciences
Marketing Business
Mass Media: Appld Advertising Communication and Mass Media
Mass Media: Brdcast Production Communication and Mass Media
Mass Media: Multimedia Journal Communication and Mass Media
Mass Media: Sports Media Communication and Mass Media
Mathematics Any
Music Fine and Performing Arts
Nanoscience: Nanoscale Chem Natural Sciences
Org Beh/Human Resource Mgmt Business
Political Science Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science: Cr Jus/Crim Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science: Global Afrs Humanities and Social Sciences
Political Science: Public Adm Humanities and Social Sciences
Pre-Engineering Natural Sciences
Pre-Law Humanities and Social Sciences
Pre-Nursing Health Science and Wellness
Psychology Health Science and Wellness
Radiologic Sciences Natural Sciences
Recreation: Corp Rec/Wellness Health Science and Wellness
Recreation: Rec & Park Mgt Health Science and Wellness
Recreation: Therapeutic Rec Health Science and Wellness
Sciences Meta Major-Deciding Natural Sciences
Theatre: Performance Fine and Performing Arts
Theatre: Technical and Design Fine and Performing Arts
University Meta Major-Deciding Any
Wildlife Ecol & Conservation Natural Sciences
Writing Any

I can’t attend any of the sessions for my major. What do I do?

We prefer that you attend a session designated for your major, however, if that is not possible, you may register for any session that fits your schedule regardless of the designated major.  All sessions of the ACP administer the same exam.

How do I study for this exam?

You are not expected to study for this exam.  It is designed to assess skills that have been developed through your core courses.  If you'd like more information about the exam used for the Assessment of Core Proficiencies, (the ETS Proficiency Profile), you may visit the following site to view test content description and sample questions,

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your Bearcat Card.  You will test in our computer lab so there is no need to bring a computer.  We will provide scratch paper, pencil and approved calculator.  If you've lost or misplaced your Bearcat Card, other government issued ID (driver's license or passport) can be used instead of a the Bearcat Card.  However, Bearcat Card is preferred.

What score do I have to get?

Regardless of school/department/major requirement, Northwest expects you to do your very best.  

Different schools/departments/majors at Northwest have different requirements.  If you have questions regarding those, please contact your advisor or department chair.  

Will the score impact my academic standing?

If your completion and score do not demonstrate your best effort you will be asked to return and retake the assessment.  However, it will not impact your academic standing.  You will not have to retake courses based on the results.

At the end of each semester, student scores are reported to each department.  If the department has a requirement and the advisee has not met the requirement then the advisor should let the advisee know that it is necessary for them to retake the exam. 

For performance funding purposes, at least 60% of the students must score at or above the 50th percentile.  For sophomores that means a score of 438.  For juniors and up that means a score of 442.  However, that does not mean every student below those scores must retake.  

 Do I need to take this if I transferred into Northwest or an education major?

If you transferred from another institution with an associate's degree or 60 or more hours, you are exempt from completing this requirement.  Please contact Beth Mason ( so the proper waiver can be placed on your account.

As an education major, you are required to complete the MoGEA in lieu of the ACP.  However, if you are a double major with a major outside of education, you will be required to complete the ACP.

If you were an education major, completed the MoGEA, but have changed majors and are no longer an education major, you will need to complete the ACP.

Why is there a hold on my account, and when will it be taken off?

You have a hold because you have not completed the Assessment of Core Proficiencies.  Once you complete the ACP, the hold will be removed.  

What if I don’t take the assessment at all?

Your pre-registration will be blocked.  You will not be able to pre-register if you do not complete the ACP.

What do I do if I have a LAP/S accommodation?

Please bring or email ( your LAP/S letter to the Assessment Office.  Please indicate which accommodations you wish to use.  We will share what accommodations can be granted on this assessment and we will arrange a time you can test using those accommodations.