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Our Mutual Commitment To Each Other

If you are selected as a Participant,

this is what WE WANT FROM YOU:

  • provide all necessary information to complete the application forms and process,
  • attend Orientation in the spring,
  • take the pre-tests and post-tests,
  • remain for the entire six-week summer program,
  • meet with a mentor and cooperate with the mentoring relationship,
  • select and complete an academic year project, and submit a Final Report to UBMS,
  • provide your schedule of classes and 2nd semester grade card each year while in high school,
  • provide final transcript as evidence of high school graduation, and
  • provide evidence of college enrollments each year through graduation from college.

If you complete the summer program,


  • the benefits of participating,
  • round-trip mileage for Orientation, and round-trip mileage to and from the summer session,
  • pre-testing to establish baseline data and post-testing to show improvement,
  • room and board for 6 weeks on the Northwest Missouri State University campus,
  • all supplies and materials needed for classes (including 3-ring binder, paper, spirals, pens, pencils, protractor, graphing calculator), and a T-shirt,
  • instruction in, and access to, the computer system and network at Northwest,
  • intensive classroom and laboratory instruction in math and science topics not usually offered at every high school,
  • extensive counseling (both individual and group) regarding study skills, social and interpersonal skills, and career awareness,
  • tutoring for the classes taken, if needed,
  • instruction in the English skills needed to learn how to write a science research paper,
  • educational and entertaining weekend trips related to math and science,
  • a stipend each week of the summer program for active participation,
  • a stipend each semester of the academic year for satisfactory completion of the mentor meetings and the academic project,
  • regular newsletter which includes topics of interest from the world of math and science,
  • possibility of returning for subsequent year,
  • possibility of acceptance into the Bridge program, and
  • yearly follow-up while in high school and through college.