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Sondra Langley

Sondra Langley



230 Owens Library



Joined Northwest in 2021

Academic Advisor and Success Coach

About Me

I graduated from Northwest in 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Writing after a few years of changing majors and being indecisive about what to do with my life. Still indecisive of what to do with my Bachelor’s degree, I stayed at Northwest and graduated with a Master’s degree in English in 2016. During this time, I finally warmed up to my now-husband after taking a few classes with him in our undergrad and graduate years. I worked in the Writing Center as a Graduate Assistant and tutored in the Math Lab and realized, a little bit, maybe I like teaching. Maybe.  

We moved to Carbondale, IL with our cat Sally that we adopted from the Nodaway Humane Society to pursue further degrees, and for me that meant really figuring out what I wanted to do. At Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, I graduated in 2017, after some similar but much smaller twists and turns that I had in my undergrad, with a second Master’s in TESOL – Teaching English as a Second Language.

Now, we’re back at Northwest, with Sally in tow. ‘We’ being myself and my husband, Nick Kirse – the Assistant Director of Academic Support. This time is different; I know what I want to do this time! I want to help students achieve their goals no matter the twists and turns their path might take. I love working with students. I love cats. And I love video games, just ask what I play in my free time!