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Retention at Northwest

Northwest outperforms statewide peers in retention and maintained a high retention rate with 76 percent of the fall 2020 freshman class choosing to return to Northwest in the fall of 2021. That mark is tied for the second-highest in the University’s history with Northwest logging a record 78 percent retention rate in 2018. Northwest’s sophomore retention rate (2nd fall to 3rd fall) for 2021 was 82 percent and for 2020 was 85 percent, the highest since tracking began in the fall of 2009. Additionally, Northwest’s fall 2021 to spring 2022 overall retention rate was 92 percent, the highest in the institution’s history.

The leading indicator shows our fall 2021 cohort is on pace to retain at over 79 percent, over 6 percent higher than the leading indicator at this time last year and trending above our all-time high of 77.97 percent.

Why retention is important

Student retention measures a school’s performance. Our retention rates speak to our strong academic support and student success as our mission.