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Academic Support

Academic Support

A series of free tools are available to support your academic success during intercession.

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All academic support services are available at no additional cost to the student.


One-on-one or small group tutoring is available on the 2nd Floor of B.D. Owens Library and is available for most Northwest Core courses and some upper-level courses.

2022-23 Tutoring Data

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Supplemental Instruction (SI)

The SI program offers peer-led collaborative study groups for traditionally challenging courses. SI sessions are led by students who have completed and earned high grades in the targeted course. SI leaders provide regularly-scheduled group review sessions each week and assist in developing the skills to be a successful student.

2022-23 SI Data

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Student-Athlete Success Program (SASP)

The SASP is designed to provide an environment in which student athletes can experience their fullest personal, social and academic growth. The pervading philosophy of SASP is success. Each student is held accountable for his/her academic performance and meeting the NCAA Eligibility and Compliance Guidelines. SASP provides tools that develop academic skills, time management skills, and organizational skills needed for athletes to be successful students.

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