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The room/location I want is not available?

The most common reason is that the room/location is already booked. You will need to choose another room/location for your request.

Why should I make my request using Astra Schedule?

Requests made using Astra Schedule will be given first priority.

I am trying to plan an event for my organization; Where do I begin?

There are several steps to planning an event. It would be best to consult the Event Planning GuideView PDF. The Event Planning Guide has several useful tips and hints for planning a successful event, including an event planning checklist. The Union Event Scheduling Coordinator is an excellent resource for planning your event.

Why do my requests for classrooms get rejected?

Classroom requests will only be accepted after the first day of classes so as not to conflict with classroom scheduling. All requests will be rejected until that time. Requests will not be held.

How do I request Charles Johnson Theater or the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts? Sports Facilities?

Contact the Facilities Manager at 660.562.1320 for the Houston Center and Charles Johnson Theater.

For all sports facilities contact the Director of Recreation Sports at 660.562.1725.

How do I request multiple/repetitive reservations?

This is done during the event request process in Astra.

Event requests have two parts: the Event and the Meeting(s) for that event. This allows recurring meetings, multiple meetings, or events that need to use several rooms at a time to be scheduled all at once.

Why can't I just call and make a reservation?

Due to the high volume of requests that the Student Union and the Station receive, we cannot take phone calls for events and activities.

I want a room/location for tomorrow, why can't I make a request?

Astra Schedule will not accept a request with less than 48-hours lead time. If you need a room/location for today or tomorrow you will need to go to the building on the day of the request and request a room with the University Event Scheduling Coordinator. If space is available you will be given whatever is available in the condition of the room.

How do I update my room/location reservation?

Contact the University Event Scheduling Coordinator with any updates/changes to your event reservation.

The Academic Building room that I want to use isn't listed on Astra as one I can request. How do I request use of that room?

Contact the University Event Scheduling Coordinator, for questions regarding Academic Building rooms that you cannot request through Astra.

How do I request to use one of the Student Union's portable sound systems?

Submit a completed Portable Sound System Usage Request Form View PDF to the Student Union Event Coordinator.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact the University Event Scheduling Coordinator at 660.562.1420 for Student Union, Station, and outdoor reservations (including College Pavilion) and questions.  Also for any questions about using Astra Schedule.

Contact the Station Complex Director at 660.541.2778 regarding Station questions and reservations.

Contact the Auxiliary Services Specialist at 660.562.1430 regarding classroom reservations.