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Northwest Missouri State University

Faculty and Staff Directory





Karen Albright 660.562.1194 kalbright Nursing
Jessica Anderson 660.562.1093 janderson Nutrition/Dietetics
Dr. Jerrold Barnett 660.562.1736 barnett Psychology
Jessica Cascio 660.562.1260 jcascio Psychology
Dr. Rhonda Cross Beemer 660.562.1295 rbeemer Health & Physical Education
Dr. Loren Butler 660.562.1066 lbutler Health & Physical Education
Dr. Keely Cline 660.562.1564 kcline Psychology
Sarah Creason 660.562.1733 sarahc Child/Family Studies
Elizabeth Dimmitt 660.562.1852 ekeane Psychology
Dr. Alice Foose 660.562.1300 afoose Recreation
Dr. Alisha Francis 660.562.1269 alishaf Psychology
Karen From 660.562.1167 fromkar Nutrition/Dietetics
Dr. Bradlee Gamblin 660.562.1012 bgamblin Psychology
Dr. Augustus Hallmon 660.562.1651 ahallmon Recreation
Dr. Shelly Hiatt 660.562.1287 hiatt Counseling
Cris Jacobson 660.562.1243 crisj Psychology
Dr. Jackie Kibler 660.562.1837 jkibler Psychology
Dr. Lauren Leach-Steffens 660.562.1851 lleach Child/Family Studies
Dr. Damon Leiss 660.562.1589 dleiss Health & Physical Education
Dr. Jodie Leiss 660.562.1962 jleiss Health & Physical Education
Dr. Terry Long 660.562.1706 tlong Recreation
Brooke McAtee 660.562.1195 bmcatee Nursing
Gina McNeese 660.562.1301 gscott Health & Physical Education
Dr. Eric Mosier 660.562.1675 emosier Health & Physical Education
Dr. Sue Myllykangas 660.562.1377 susanm Recreation
Dr. Shinichi Nagata 660.562.1298 snagata Recreation
Dr. Roger Neustadter 660.562.1765 rogern Sociology
Dr. Chase O'Gwin 660.562.1261 cogwin Psychology
Dr. Kyoung-Ho Shin 660.562.1272 kshin Sociology
Gina Smith 660.562.1297 gsmith Office Manager
Dr. Matt Symonds 660.562.1069 msymond Health & Physical Education
Dr. Tyler Tapps 660.562.1781 tytapps Recreation
Michele Veasey 660.562.1732 mveasey School Counseling
Kelli Wilmes 660.562.1451 wilmesk Nutrition/Dietetics
Darci Wray 660.562.1973 dwray Nursing