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Kyoung-Ho Shin

Kyoung-Ho Shin



2320 Colden Hall



Joined Northwest in 1999



  • Ph.D. Sociology; Kansas State University, 1999

Courses Taught

  • Urban Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Race & Ethnic Issue in Modern Societies 
  • Research Methods in Social Science
  • General Sociology

Academic Interests

  • Urban Development
  • Globalization
  • World-Systems Theory
  • Multiculturalism
  • Transnational Immigrant Community

Scholarly Activity

Selected Publication (Books and Refereed Journal, 2000-2020)         

  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho and Michael F. Timberlake. 2020.  Seoul, Korea’s Global City: A New Urbanism of Upward Mobility. London: Routledge.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho (ed.) 2016. Multicultural Education in Global Era: New Perspective and Practice in Contemporary Societies. New York: Nova Publisher.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho, 2014. “Korean entrepreneurs in Kansas City Metropolitan area: an immigrant community under ethnic local and global intersection” Journal of Enterprising Communities, 8(4): 287-299.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho, 2014. “Global Interconnectedness and Multiculturalism in Undergraduate Sociology Courses in the USA,” International Studies in Sociology of Education, 24(2): 210-227.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho, 2012. “The Rise of East Asia” in The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization. Edited by George Ritzer. pp.464-472. London: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho, Yang, J. & Carla Edwards, 2010. “Gender role identity among Korean and American college students: Links to gender and academic achievement,” Social Behavior and Personality, 38(2): 267-272.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho and Paul Ciccantell, 2009. “The Steel and Shipbuilding Industry of South Korea: Rising East Asia and Globalization,” Journal of World-Systems Research, XV(2): 167-192.  
  • Yang, J. and Kyoung-Ho Shin, 2008. “Vulnerability, Resilience, and Well-being of intermarriage: An Ethnographic Approach to Korean Women,” Journal of International Women's Studies, 10(2): 46-63.
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho and Michael Timberlake, 2006. “Korea's Global City: Structural and Political Implications of Seoul's Ascendance in the Global Urban Hierarchy,” International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 47(2): 145-173.    
  • Shin, Kyoung-Ho and Michael Timberlake, 2000. “World Cities in Asia: Cliques, Centrality, and Connectedness,” Urban Studies, 37(12): 2259-2287. [Special Issue: World Cities in the New Millennium]

Student Group Advisement

  • Korean Student Association
  • Undergraduate Sociology/Criminology Research

Other Professional Experiences

  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
    • Section, Transnational Sociology
    • Section, Urban & Community Development
  •    Midwest Sociological Society (MSS)
  •    The Association of Korean Researchers on Industrial Society