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Dr. Rhonda Cross Beemer

Dr. Rhonda Cross Beemer



209 Martindale Hall



Joined Northwest in 2015

Associate Professor


  • Ph.D. Administration & Teaching in Human Performance; The University of Southern Mississippi
  • M.S. Physical Education; Eastern Kentucky University
  • B.S. Exercise Sciences with emphasis in Athletic Training and Health & Fitness; Missouri Valley College


  • BOC certified ATC

Academic Interests

  • Community health & wellness
  • Athletic Training
  • Incorporating experiential education in student education

Scholarly Activity

  • Cross Beemer, R., Wright, B., Meyer, H. (May, 2015). Lower Extremity Isotonic Relationships Among Physically Active Males and Females. Poster session at the national annual meeting for the American College of Sports Medicine, Sand Diego, CA.
  • Cross Beemer, R. (2013). Using iPad technology for a more active classroom. National Society for Experiential Education conference Perspectives.  Abstract conference proceedings Issues.
  • Cross Beemer, R. (2010) Incorporating experiential education in a health sciences degree program. National Society for Experiential Education Perspectives Winter 2010 Issue No2
  • Cross Beemer, R. (2011). Utilizing an Experiential Based Computer System to Track, Advise, & Evaluate Health Sciences Undergraduate Students. The Advisor. 31(1). 36-39. 
  • Beemer, R.C. (2009). Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome; AKA:  Shin Splints. Iowa High School Athletic Association. Sports Medicine – Wellness topics of Injury Prevention & Treatment.
  • Cross Beemer, R.C. (2009) Experiential Education in the Health Sciences Setting:  A Model For Discussion. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Cross Beemer, R (2012). Isokinetic assessment of peak torque values and isotonic contractions in division I softball athletes. Invited presentation at the Physiotherapy Associates presents 4th Annual Sports Medicine Conference on:  Prevention, Early & Appropriate Care of Injuries and Functional Limitations in Physical Activity and Sports Performance.
  • Cross Beemer, R (2011). Cultural diversity in the healthcare system: are we as healthcare providers culturally competent? Invited presentation at the Physiotherapy Associates presents 3rd Annual Sports Medicine Conference on: Prevention, Early & Appropriate Care Injuries and Functional Limitations in Physical Activity & Sports Performance.
  • Cross, R. S. (2005)  Mississippi Class 1-A High School Head Coaches Decision Making on Returning Injured Athletes To Play. Presentation for 2005 Mississippi American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance Convention. Hattiesburg, MS.

Other Professional Experiences

  • Adaptive physical education
  • Softball
  • Weight training
  • Coaching
  • Spending time with my family