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The Enjoyment of Music

Designed to provide the non-music major with the means to better understand and appreciate the varied styles of music. Does not count toward music major requirements but may be used for general education fine arts credit.

Music Recital Attendance

Attendance at recitals and concerts presented by the Department of Music is required of each music major and minor. B.M.E. majors must pass 7 semesters before graduation. B.A. majors must pass 8 semesters before graduation. Minors must pass 4 semesters before graduation.

Independent Study in Music

Specialized study in areas such as music history literature and theory to be conducted under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. May be repeated for a total of four hours.

Senior Recital

The presentation of a public recital of a minimum of 25 minutes of music in the major applied area, subject to the requirements of the music faculty as prescribed in the Music Department Student Handbook. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of the department chairperson.

Special Offerings

Courses that are offered on only one occasion or variable issue-oriented courses that have the content described in the title. Credit and prerequisites as announced.

Four-Year Plans