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Program(s) Available: B.A., B.S., Minor

Are you passionate about theatre? Are you someone who likes to creatively express yourself and share your vision with others? A degree in theatre provides diverse career options and a multitude of skillsets. 

Why Study Theatre at Northwest

The comprehensive Bachelor of Science in theatre (60 hours) does not require an outside minor and provides students with a solid foundation in all major areas of theatre study while allowing concentration in a specific production activity. Specialization options, available in performance and technical/design areas, prepare the student to enter the professional field or to undertake advanced study and training.

Theatre comprehensive major courses

There is also a Bachelor of Arts in theatre major option (30 hours) with a minor required.

Faculty focus on ensuring students have access to participate in the four mainstage productions as well as four to six student-directed productions per year. Additionally, students have access to professional-level control councils, intelligent lighting fixtures, and cutting-edge LED and color-changing equipment. Students also learn the fundamentals of modern acting techniques, a range of historical and physical styles to include Greek, Elizabethan, restoration and 20th-century “isms,” and writing skills for the stage through scene structure, dramatic tension, theme, action and dialogue.



The performance specialization option includes classes like theatre voice and movement, advanced acting, stage makeup and more.


Technical and Design

Techies unite! This technical and design specialization offers courses in drafting, scene design, stage lighting and more.


Career Ready
Theatre: Performance

“I think that Northwest has prepared me for the professional world in having a very well-rounded skill set. Being very versatile is wonderful for professional employers.” — Shawn Murphy

Career Opportunities

  • Theatre company manager
  • Theatre technician
  • Actor
  • Wardrobe supervisor
  • Producer

What Can I Do With a Major in Theatre?

Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts

The Ron Houston Center for Performing Arts is home to three performance venues: the Mary Linn Auditorium, Black Box Theatre and the Studio Theatre. The theatre production program, Theatre Northwest, produces approximately a dozen shows each year. 

Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts

Freshmen/Transfer Showcase

The Freshman/Transfer Showcase introduces audiences to Theatre Northwest’s new performing arts majors while orienting the students with the people and practices of the theatre program. As in the past 31 years, the production is performed by an all-first-year student cast.

Freshmen/Transfer Showcase
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