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Marine Biology

Program(s) Available: B.S.

Although we are located in the center of the Midwest, Northwest's marine biology program is one of the most popular programs offered on campus! Yep, you read that right. If you're interested in studying marine life and its habitats, the marine biology major could be for you. 

Why Study Marine Biology at Northwest

Marine biology majors study marine organisms and their ecology, habitat and interaction. You'll learn about ecology, or the study of organisms and their habitats, diversity, in organisms and adaptations of organisms and diatoms, or the unicellular life of oceans. Students also learn best practices for surveying marine organisms.

This program is perfect for analytical thinkers who enjoy solving problems and coming up with solutions. Because this is a science-heavy field, students also should be prepared to spend lots of time performing experiments and conducting research in a laboratory setting. The nature of the job involves a lot of patience and flexibility, as marine biologists must be comfortable working individually and collaboratively.

With that being said, we know how important it is to get real experience before diving into a career (no pun intended). That's why we have an articulation agreement with the University of Southern Mississippi Oceanography program that allows students to take up to four courses in large water facilities. We also have an affiliation with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL), an educational and research institute located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, that provides students the opportunity to take field courses in marine science at GCRL during the summer. Cool, right?

If you've made it this far, you are probably a prime candidate for this program. Keep scrolling to learn about possible careers in this field.

Career Ready

“One of the biggest transferable skills I got from Northwest to advance in my career is the lab experience. I have done multiple techniques in my upper-level courses that other students in larger universities don't have the opportunity to do. — Jordan Unger

Career Opportunities

What Can I Do With a Major in Marine Biology?

Garrett-Strong Science Building

The Garrett-Strong Science Building offers 26 labs where students can gain profession-based experiences on campus. This facility also houses a synthetic cadaver, an aquarium and two museums that feature living animals such as a hedgehog, rats, iguanas and more!

Garrett-Strong Science Building

Study Abroad opportunities

Adele Shade took her marine biology study to coastal waters during the past year and enriched her learning abroad in Australia.

In support of her study abroad experience, Shade received Northwest’s Honors Program Study Abroad Scholarship, a $2,000 award that she applied during the spring semester to her expenses related to the study abroad program. Amounts of the scholarships, which are awarded once during the academic year, vary and can be used for any part of a study abroad experience.

Study Abroad opportunities
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