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Important Campus Visit Update

Due to COVID-19, in-person, off-campus events are limited. Consider one of our many virtual visits or a virtual college fair.

Browse the list of states below to find the representative for your area. We also have admissions representatives who focus on the following specific topics or duties:

State Representative
Alabama Jared Larson
Alaska Joseph Frueh
Arizona Joseph Frueh
Arkansas Jared Larson
California Joseph Frueh
Colorado Joseph Frueh
Connecticut Katey Eaddy
Delaware Katey Eaddy
Florida Jared Larson
Georgia Jared Larson
Hawaii Joseph Frueh
Idaho Katey Eaddy
Illinois Joseph Frueh
Indiana Admissions Team
Iowa Jared Larson
Kansas Joseph Frueh
Kentucky Admissions Team
Louisiana Jared Larson
Maine Katey Eaddy
Maryland Katey Eaddy
Massachusetts Katey Eaddy
Michigan Katey Eaddy
Minnesota Katey Eaddy
Mississippi Jared Larson
Missouri Varies by County
Montana Katey Eaddy
Nebraska Katey Eaddy
Nevada Joseph Frueh
New Hampshire Katey Eaddy
New Jersey Katey Eaddy
New Mexico Joseph Frueh
New York Katey Eaddy
North Carolina Katey Eaddy
North Dakota Katey Eaddy
Ohio Admissions Team
Oklahoma Jared Larson
Oregon Katey Eaddy
Pennsylvania Katey Eaddy
Rhode Island Katey Eaddy
South Carolina Jared Larson
South Dakota Katey Eaddy
Tennessee Admissions Team
Texas Jared Larson
Utah Joseph Frueh
Vermont Katey Eaddy
Virginia Katey Eaddy
Washington Katey Eaddy
Washington, D.C. Katey Eaddy
West Virginia Katey Eaddy
Wisconsin Katey Eaddy
Wyoming Katey Eaddy

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