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Business Economics

Program(s) Available: B.S.

Economics is the backbone of how our society works and while economics is not for the faint of heart, some people thrive in this area. Our economics major explores the topic of scarcity and the reasoning behind important decisions made by businesses, consumers and the government. If this interests you, keep reading! 

Why Study Business Economics at Northwest

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for economists is projected to increase by 6% in the coming decade. That's a pretty steady increase! As we continue to transition into a technology-driven workplace, the need for data analysis and trend research will only continue to increase. If you find yourself interested in these tasks, we encourage you to consider this program.

At Northwest, economics majors are taught by faculty who have received Faculty Excellence Awards and the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Classes are small, and upper-level courses have an average of fewer than 10 students.

Did you know? A minor in economics is available. This 18-credit-hour program is especially useful if you're thinking about pursuing law, business, government, journalism or teaching. Students in this program develop analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills in preparation for evaluating the decisions made by businesses, consumers and government while gaining the fundamental knowledge of business management, accounting, marketing and finance.

This economics minor can be combined with any major, but it aligns especially well with accounting, business management, and finance.

Career Ready
Business Management

“With the small class sizes, the professors are able to connect with you one-on-one and are able to guide you and help you to your next step.” — Ashton Clevenger

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate finance
  • Securities analyst
  • Business forecaster
  • Market researcher
  • Economic development officer
  • Analyst programmer

What Can I Do With a Major in Business Economics?

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

New Venture Pitch Competition is designed for ambitious students and aspiring entrepreneurs to present ideas to business professionals, small business owners and potential investors. Students present their ideas to judges who, in the future, could represent their boss or client.

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

Student Organizations

Financial Management Association (FMA) assists in the professional, educational, and social development of students interested in finance, banking, and investments. Students will get the opportunity to interact between business executives, faculty, and students of business and finance.

Student Organizations
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