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Program Committee

The Honors Program Committee is comprised of the Director of the Honors Program who is also the chair of the committee, selected faculty members from departments and schools that offer Honors sections, the Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies. It also may include representatives from the Admissions Office, Student Housing, and the Student Success Center.

The role of the Honors Program Committee is to articulate what the Honors Program consists of and what it does not consist of. It will generate ideas to improve the Honors Program. The committee has a responsibility to oversee that Honors sections syllabi and enhancement are sufficient. The committee will also participate in a panel to review student portfolios upon completion and serve as the oversight body for other matters related to the program (e.g. Admission appeals, etc.).

David Vlieger (no picture provided)

David Vlieger

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Rebecca Dunnell (no picture provided)

Dr. Rebecca Dunnell

Fine and Performing Arts

Dr. Allison Hoffmann

Dr. Allison Hoffmann

Student Success Center

Dr. Elyssa Ford (no picture provided)

Dr. Elyssa Ford

Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Michael Steiner

Dr. Michael Steiner

College of Arts and Sciences

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