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Application Essay

Choose one of the following

  1. Compose an application essay that addresses the experiences you had in high school and/or college and explain how they align with the mission statement of the Northwest Honors Program. Include in this essay why you want to be a part of the Honors Program.
  2. Take a picture of something that you believe best demonstrates who you are or who you hope to become. Write an essay that explains what the image represents and how it (and through it, you!) aligns with the mission of the Honors Program.
  3. If you could take any college class outside of your major or if you could create your own college class, what would it be and why? Write an essay responding to this question; it should reveal something about you and demonstrate how you align with the mission statement of the Honors Program.

Honors Mission

The Honors Program provides motivated and talented students with an enriched educational experience. Through limited class size and close interactions with faculty, the program provides talented students with a deeper understanding of content and an opportunity to develop critical thinking and discussion skills that prepare them for a dynamic world. In the Honors Program, a commitment to learning is combined with a spirit of inquiry and a critical understanding of the responsibilities of global citizenship. By bringing together the ideas from diverse traditions of knowledge, the Honors Program helps prepare creative and innovative leaders to meet emerging challenges in our global community.

Requirements For Continuation In Program After Admissions

Honors Students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative/overall GPA each semester to be considered members in good standing. Grade audits will be performed each fall and spring semesters.

If an honors student's cumulative GPA is below 3.5, they will be placed on probation for the next semester.

If students on probation finish the following semester with a Northwest cumulative average below a 3.5, they will be placed on provisional status and lose their early registration benefit. Students on provisional status will remain within the Honors Program and retain the ability to participate in Honors Courses and Honors Experiences while working to improve their cumulative GPA. Once a student's cumulative GPA is once again raised to a minimum of 3.5, they will automatically be re-admitted back into the Honors Program as members in good standing. A student on provisional status may not graduate as having completed the Honors Program or receive honors recognition.

Graduation Requirements

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