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Celebration of Quality

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Celebration 2019
An Interdisciplinary Academic Symposium

3-9:30 p.m., Friday, April 5
3rd Floor, Student Union

The Celebration of Quality symposium, sponsored by the Honors Program and the Society of President's Scholars, showcases the academic achievements of students across campus. The sessions and displays are free and open to the public and door prizes will be awarded.

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2:30-3:15 p.m.


3rd Floor,
Student Union

3:30-6:30 p.m.

Exhibits and Poster Displays
Moderators: Addi Passiglia and Nathan Powell


3:30-4:30 p.m. - Session 1

Eduction Technology
Moderator: Riley Smith

Edwin Kraber & Allie Stanley, "A Programming Tool: Every Bit Counts"
Sponsor: Ms. Cari Cline

Alexis Geisert & Jacob Gassman, "Curriculum Based Measurement"
Sponsor: Dr. Jeongae Kang

Meeting Room A

3:30-4:30 p.m. - Session 1

Emergency Disaster Management
Moderator: Robby Fahrenholtz

Natalie Coté, "Lawrence Public Library Emergency and Disaster Plan"
Sponsor: Mr. John Carr

Courtney Bishop, Sophia Palmerin, Brittany Coppock, Michaela
Graham & Estella Wesseh, "Citizens and Refugees Buddy System
Sponsor: Mr. John Carr

Meeting Room B

4:30-5:30 p.m. - Session 2

Moderator: Riley Smith

Kathrine Gerhardt, "Analysis of the Political History and the Treatment of HIV/AIDS Today in Brazil"
Sponsor: Dr. Jose Palacios Perez

Megan Clasen, "Religious Conflict in Colonial America and the Pledge
of Allegiance"
Sponsor: Dr. Kimberly Casey

Meeting Room A

4:30-5:30 p.m. - Session 2

Moderator:  Robby Fahrenholtz

James Cookinham, "Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra: The Dawn of the Overman"
Sponsor: Dr. Ernst Kramer

Nicole Reed, "Don't Change Me"
Sponsor: Ms. Tamara Lynn

Anna Bagoly, "English Translations of Hungarian Poet Gyula Juhasz"
Sponsor: Dr. Jenny Rytting

Meeting Room B

5:30-6:30 p.m. - Session 3

Moderator: Reese Zollman

Gouthami Pasham, "Finance Application"
Sponsor: Dr. Denise Case

Sarah Hartley, "Agricultural Economic Outlook of Northwest Missouri
Sponsor: Dr. Seth Soman

Max Lyons, "Lyons Investment Portfolio"
Sponsor: Mr. David Johnson

Meeting Room A

5:30-6:30 p.m. - Session 3

Science & Technology
Moderator: Ben Whitney

Victoria Brown, "Comparing Methods for Quantifying Harmful Algal
Species in Old Woman Creek"
Sponsor: Dr. Alisha Campbell

Jordon Winn, "Phylogenetic comparison of cadmium resistance genes in Cupriavidus isolates from Picher, Oklahoma"
Sponsor: Dr. James Campbell & Dr. Alisha Campbell

Sonam Gadekari, "Learning Java Spring MVC by Implementing an
Online Order System"
Sponsor: Dr. Denise Case

Meeting Room B

5:30-6:30 p.m. - Session 3

Genealogy & Technical Skills
Moderator: Ethan Dixon

Aubrey Walker, Maddison Haynes & Victoria Luke, "The Heart of the Midwest: Family Histories Uncovered"
Sponsor: Dr. Elyssa Ford

Melissa Potter & Trey Kothe, "Diversifying Your Toolbox by Pursuing Computer Science Certification"
Sponsor: Dr. Nancy Zeliff

Meeting Room C

6:45-8 p.m.

Banquet (not open to the public)

  • Introduction
    Dr. Elyssa Ford, Society of President's Scholars
  • Keynote Address
    Dr. Thoephil Ross, Professor of Theater
  • Door Prize Drawing


Exhibits and Poster Display

Moderators: Savannah Baker & Jadelyn Stewart

Ballroom: North Side

Evan Grimes "Road mortality of snakes at Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge" Dr. Jay McGhee
Evan Grimes "Analysis of Genomes and Phylogenetic relationships of Methylobacterium Isolates from Mining Soils" Dr. James Campbell & Dr. Alisha Campbell
Ujjawal Kumar "User Experience Design" Dr. Charitha Hettiarachchi
Emily Wedlock "Genome Analysis of Cupriavidus Isolates from Heavy-Metal Contaminated Soils" Dr. James Campbell & Dr. Alisha Campbell
Amankumar K. Patel, Wonjoon Choi & Collins Nwanonenyi "Synthesis and Characterization of Composite Resin Metal and Magnetic Nanoparticles" Mohammed J. Meziani
Chance Casey "A Purge of Bad Habits" Mr. Armin Muhsam
Stephanie L Dolan "Genomics of Six Heavy-Metal Resistant Methylobacterium Isolates from Picher, Oklahoma" Dr. James Campbell & Dr. Alisha Campbell
Whitney Redler "Advances in Telomerase Enzyme Therapies Targeted at Cancer and Aging" Dr. Ahmed Malkawi
Kristen Edmisten, Mariah Gann, Kennedy King & Sophia Palmerin "Books Before Birth: Case Study of an Expectant Mother Reading to her Baby in Utero" Dr. Keely Cline & Mrs. Elizabeth Dimmitt
Amanda Herzberg "Optimization of Counting Method for Enumeration of Phytoplankton using an Utermohl Settling Chamber for Water Quality Monitoring Purposes" Dr. Lorita Nivanthi Mihindukulasooriya
Bailey Hiatt, Angela Giammalva, Emma Dorsey & Zach Stein "Co-Teaching and Collaboration" Dr. Shantel Farnan
Jeff Woodward "'All Must First Not Fall': a work of fiction" Dr. Daniel Biegelson
Shelby Theis Self Representation Mr. Armin Muhsam
Dante Morello, Madison Whitver & Malika Dahal "From the Pseudo-Profound to College Campuses: How Bullshit Receptivity Interacts" Dr. Jerrold Barnett
Autumn Jane Bailey & Clayton True "Isolation of a Plant Hormone & the Effect of Temperature and Photoperiod on Flower Induction" Dr. Ahmed Malkawi

Ballroom: South Side (Research Seminar Presentations)

Taylor Sutton "Naïve Survival Rates for Cope’s Gray Treefrog Population at Mozingo Lake, Missouri" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Victoria Tetzlaff "Milk Production Compared to Age in Holstein Cows" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Jack Bartley "The Effect of Nyquil on Plants" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Stephanie Kost "The Effect of Green Light on Stem Growth of Corn" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Kathrine Gerhardt "The effect of brand name on ibuprofen dissolution time" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Courtney Stiens "The Effects of the Time of Day on Cognitive Abilities in the Geriatric Population" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Dallas Steiner "The Effect of Probiotics on Escherichia coli Growth" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Nicholas Gutzmer
"The Effect of Amount of Sleep on Reaction Time"
Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Katherine Lewis "Is There a Difference in Growth between Seeds Watered with Tap versus Precipitation?" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Bryce Long "The Effect of Caffeine on Tricep, Deltoid, and Pectoral Fatigue" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Jared Spunaugle "Habitat choice of Ring-Necked Pheasants during cold season" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Paul Keyser "Comparison of Northern Cardinal Activity One Hour before Dawn and at Dawn" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Joseph Hrdlicka "The Effects of Emergen-C on Beta vulgaris Growth" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Zachary Walkenhorst "The Effect of Essential Oil (Lavender) on E. coli Growth" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Victoria Brown "A Comparison of Thieves Essential Oil and Lysol as Household Cleaners" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Wesley Cramsey "Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effects on Growth in Young Pea Plants" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Aubrey Ewing "Genus of Plankton Found Throughout the Water Column of Mozingo Lake" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Ashton Reuter "Blue Jay Activity on NWMSU Campus One Hour Before Sunrise and Right at Sunrise" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Anna Bagoly "The Effect of Alcohol Proof on Sterilization Ability" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Samantha Templeton "Diversity of Beak Morphology of Sea Turtles with Correlations to Diet" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Lauren King "Student Knowledge of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Cassandra Alfstad "The Effect of Sunscreen in Aquatic Environments" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Brendan Kelemen "The Effects of Caffeine on Plant Growth" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Jeremy Meyer "Hungry, Hungry Hippos: Competitive Motivation For Losing Weight" Dr. Gregg Dieringer
Brooke Fleischman "Microplastic Effect on Plant Growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Colin Brewer "Artificial Light Source and the Effects on Growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Abigail Bergstrom "Influence of Pet Affection on Heart Rate" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Lacey Haughton "The Effect of pH on the Microbial Growth of Escherichia coli" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Sofia Schleppenbach "Bacitracin vs. Neosporin Ointments on Staphylococcus aureus Preventative Treatment" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Madeline Bruder "The Antimicrobial Effects of Thyme, Oregano, Ginger, Garlic Powder, and Basil on Escherichia coli" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Alyssa Lincoln "The Effect of Detoxifying Tea on Overall Body Toxicity" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Rijan Basnet "Sunlight and plant growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Sheevam Thapa "Role of Vitamin C in Plant Growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Chase Santua "The Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer on the Growth Rate of Pisum Sativum" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Leah Holt "The Influence of Gender on Peripheral Vision" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Mark Pace "Bacteriocidal Potency of Bacillus Subtilis as Influenced by Exposure to Other Bacteria during Incubation" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Aubrey Hollman "The Effects of Bacterial Growth in the Presence of Silver" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Kassandra Erazo "Effectiveness of Hard and Liquid Soap" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Gloria Hanrahan "The Effect of Sucrose on the Longevity of Freshly Cut Carnations" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Pasang Gyalzen Sherpa "Efficiency of Commercial Mouth Wash on Killing Oral Plaque" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Maria Dentlinger "Effect of Dehydration on Sports Performance of Northwest Men’s Basketball Team" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Makaria Kirianov "The Effect of Different Types of Laundry Detergent on the Growth of Euglena gracilis" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Haelee Shady "The Effect of Name Brand versus Generic Brand Acetaminophen" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Kearstin Stimmel "The Effect of Acidic and Alkaline Spices on the Rate of Fungal Growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Rachel Turner "The Effect of Facial Wash and Facial Masks on Bacteria Growth" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Aaron Reed "Bang for Your Buck!" Dr. Leticia Cabrera
Brandon Klave "The Impact of Noise on Short-Term Memory" Dr. Leticia Cabrera

The Celebration of Quality is hosted by the Society of President's Scholars (faculty sponsors: Dr. Elyssa Ford and Dr. Mohammed Meziani; student president: Jadelynn Stewart)

Special thanks to the Office of the Provost for sponsoring this event.

Attend & Win

If you will be attending the banquet (not open to the public), be sure to enter the door prize drawing. You are eligible for one entry for each session you attend (be sure to sign up each time), so the more sessions you attend, the more likely you are to win! You must be present at the drawing to collect the prize.

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