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International Fellowships

The Fellowships Office is here to identify high-ability and high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students as early as possible in their college careers and to assist them in developing their potential as candidates for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. Our office encourages students to combine scholarship and research with service and leadership in order to prepare them for meaningful experiences after they have completed their degree programs. 

Our Services

  • Provide information on various fellowships available to Northwest students and alumni
  • Conduct campus informational sessions to groups and classes
  • Consult with individual students to identify appropriate and eligible options
  • Provide recommendations to students on means of enhancing their educational experiences and improving their chances of earning a competitive fellowship
  • Assist students in navigating the application process and provide students with guidance on their personal statements, résumés, essays, letters of recommendation, etc.

Message from the Director

Dr. Elyssa FordInternational fellowships are opportunities that can and will change your life. The application and preparation process is intense, the selection criteria is highly competitive, and the experience itself can be all-consuming. Throughout the process, from application through your fellowship year, you will learn more about yourself, your interests, your potential, and the future life and career that you want. Students who go down this path and fully engage with the application process will benefit from the introspection that it requires.

These fellowships – some may call them grants or scholarships – are nationally competitive awards to fund study or research. If successful in your application, you will benefit from the experience itself and the prestige associated with awards like the Fulbright, Rhodes, and Marshall. Northwest faculty have received some of these awards and are excited to work with our students to pursue these opportunities.

Dr. Elyssa Ford
Associate Professor of History & Honors Program Director