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Dates in Northwest History


Day Year Event
Sept. 1 1920: The College begins offering courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.
Sept. 1 1920: The College takes over the Maryville Conservatory of Music and its equipment.
Sept. 1 1924: The Newman Club house opens on Third Street with the Franken sisters in charge.
Sept. 1  1929: Henry Iba comes to campus and by 1932 his Bearcat basketball team finishes second in the nation.
Sept. 1  1932: Donald Valk joins the industrial arts faculty.
Sept. 1  1932: The Baptist Student Union is formed.
Sept. 1  1940: College High School moves to the Horace Mann building.
Sept. 1  1951: The music department moves to its new quarters on the fourth floor of the Administration Building, and the fine arts department is temporarily located on the building's second floor after 40 years on the fourth floor.
Sept. 1 1952: Sororities begin renting chapter rooms in the basement of Residence Hall.
Sept. 5 1935: The College conducts its first Scoop Dance.
Sept. 5 1935: W.P.A. projects approved by the Board of Regents include graveling the roads, remodeling the industrial arts building, painting inside the Administration Building and work on the right-of-way north of the College farm.
Sept. 5 1945: Faculty vote to change the period between classes from five minutes to 10 minutes.
Sept. 5 2007: University President Dean Hubbard cuts a ceremonial ribbon to open the Northwest St. Joephy Center in downtown St. Joseph. 
Sept. 5 2012: University President John Jasinski flies with the Blue Angels. Jasinski was one of three “key influencers” selected for the flight and represented the higher education sector.
Sept. 6 1929: The opening of the new kindergarten takes place with Miss Chloe Millikan as the teacher.
Sept. 6 1984: Northwest becomes a "dry" campus.
Sept. 8 1952: The semester system is put into effect.
Sept. 8 1995: Northwest President Dr. Dean Hubbard presides over a ceremony renaming the University’s rodeo facility to the Edward Phillips Memorial Arena. Phillips, who was advisor of the Rodeo Club, died suddenly Aug. 23.
Sept. 9 2009: Gov. Jay Nixon speaks at dedication ceremonies for Northwest's new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Sept. 10 1950: Family-style meal service resumes at Residence Hall after a long period of cafeteria service only.
Sept. 10 2005: The centennial sculpture, located in the east plaza, of the J.W. Jones Student Union is unveiled. Installed during the summer, the bronze sculpture, created by Georgia artist Gregory Johnson, depicts two students -- one from 1905 and one from 2005 -- studying on a bench.
Sept. 11 1928: The College offers its first Freshman Orientation class.
Sept. 12 1924: President Uel Lamkin is brought in by Police Chief Johnny Ashcroft and convicted of vagrancy.
Sept. 12 1905: The first meeting of the Board of Regents is conducted.
Sept. 12 1922: The Newman Club is organized.
Sept. 12 1923: Miss Beatrix Winn of the English department sails for Europe for a year of study at the University of London.
Sept. 14 1921: President Uel Lamkin reads the First Psalm at the opening fall assembly.
Sept. 14 1953: French is introduced in Kindergarten and Spanish is taught in the fourth grade at Horace Mann School.
Sept. 15 1945: The World War II Honor Roll is placed on the second floor of the Administration Building.
Sept. 16 1907: A Normal School football practice is organized.
Sept. 16 1940: The Board of Regents accepts President Uel Lamkin's recommendation that the College join with the majority of the other teachers colleges in the state in asking the 61st General Assembly to change the laws of the state to make it possible for them to become known as State Colleges rather than State Teachers Colleges.
Sept. 17 1923: Efforts are authorized to sell all land south of Fourth Street.
Sept. 17 1925: The tradition of green beanies for freshmen is started.
Sept. 17 1945: The Board of Regents accepts the resignation of President Uel Lamkin to take effect Dec. 1, 1945, names the dean, Dr. J.W. Jones, to succeed him and elects Dr. M.C. Cunningham, head of education department, to succeed Dr. Jones as dean.
Sept. 18 1996: The Northwest Board of Regents approves funding of $500,000 to construct a student health center.
Sept. 19 1996: Mainstream rock band REO Speedwagon performs at Bearcat Arena as part of the Encore performance series. 
Sept. 19 2010: Northwest's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is recognized with the 2010 Honor Award for Excellence in Architecture from the Kansas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
Sept. 20 1948: The Board of Regents approves a program of teaching training for vocational home economics.
Sept. 20 2002: The first Northwest Alumni Association Awards are given to six distinguished alumni and faculty.
Sept. 21 1920: Nell Hudson becomes secretary to President Ira Richardson.
Sept. 23 1978: The first Parents Day celebration takes place.
Sept. 24 1908: Work on the Administration Building is halted because of lack of funds.
Sept. 25 2012: “Remember the Titans” coach Herman Boone speaks at the J.W. Jones Student Union Ballroom as part of the Student Activities Council’s “SAC Speaks” lecture series.
Sept. 26 1943: The College newspaper begins delivery to all servicemen and women who had been students, if their addresses are known.
Sept. 27 1926: The Green and White Courier student newspaper becomes The Northwest Missourian.
Sept. 28 1922: The first Student Council meeting takes place with Jason Kemp as president.
Sept. 28 1910: The last chapel exercise takes place in the Seminary Building.
Sept. 28 2012: G.I. Jobs magazine names Northwest a Military Friendly School for 2013 in recognition of the University's commitment to recruiting miliary students.