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Dates in Northwest History


Day Year Event
Oct. 1 1889: The Maryville Seminary is opened by the Northwest Missouri Educational and Scientific Association.
Oct. 3 1910: Classes begin in the Administration Building.
Oct. 3 1910: The first chapel exercise takes place in the new Administration Building.
Oct. 4 1922: Mr. Charles R. Gardner introduces the Alma Mater to the College's student body at an assembly.
Oct. 4 1932: Charles Curtis, vice president under Herbert Hoover, gives a lecture in the College's auditorium.
Oct. 4 1937: Two Philippine girls, through an invitation from President Uel Lamkin, begin attending Northwest without fees in order to bring foreign-speaking students to campus.
Oct. 4 1937: The training school is renamed Horace Mann Laboratory School.
Oct. 6 1920: Very "high-laced, high-heeled, toothpick-toed shoes" are advertised in the Green and White Courier as "correct shoes."
Oct. 7 1939: Horace Mann Laboratory School and the library are dedicated.
Oct. 7 1942: The Northwest Missourian reminds students, "Polite men do not stand at the east door and allow women to struggle with the heavy door; impolite men do."
Oct. 7 2010: Northwest celebrates the centennial of the Administration Building and the building’s recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places with a morning ceremony.
Oct. 9 2009: Northwest's enrollment hits an all-time high with 7,076 students. 
Oct. 10 1924: The first general Homecoming takes place (although the Philomatheans had been having Homecoming for 11 years).
Oct. 10 1945: "If you want me to say anything, say the faculty has made the College. No better faculty is found anywhere." This was the statement President Uel Lamkin makes to the staff of The Northwest Missourian for the issue announcing that his resignation had been accepted.
Oct. 10 1987: Homecoming takes place during a snow storm.
Oct. 11 1921: The Board of Regents approves a plan for the furnishing of textbooks to the students by the College Supply Store, paving the way for Northwest to launch its textbook rental program in the fall of 1922.
Oct. 11 1944: The 29th annual Walkout Day starts after an assembly for civilian students and closes with a dance in the evening for Navy men and civilians.
Oct. 11 2011: Northwest announces its fall enrollment as 7,225 students, setting a school record for the fourth consecutive year.
Oct. 12 1907: Cornerstone of the Administration building laid.
Oct. 12 1943: A dance replaces Walkout Day because the Navy men couldn't "walk out."
Oct. 12 2018: Hundreds gathered to step inside the finished Hughes Fieldhouse for the first time as Northwest hosted a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility.
Oct. 13 1923: The statue of Hebe before the Auditorium is accidentally knocked over and ruined.
Oct. 13 2018: Franco Olivia placed third at the ITA Cup, the highest Northwest finisher in the history of the national championship event for Division II tennis.
Oct. 17 1938: The lab school opens its first nursery school in the solarium at Residence Hall.
Oct. 17 2002: The Clash of the Champions, a football game between Northwest and Pittsburg State University at Arrowhead Stadium, takes place in Kansas City. Later, the showdown is renamed The Fall Classic at Arrowhead.
Oct. 19 1920: A Hiking Club is organized, and participants receive honor points for 50 miles and an award for 100 miles.
Oct. 19 2012: Pop duo Timeflies performs at the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts for the Students Activities Council's fall concert. 
Oct. 20 1950: Classes are shortened to allow students to complete preparations for Homecoming.
Oct. 20 2012: The men of the Delta Chi fraternity, along with alumni, rejuvenate their 122-year-old Victorian mansion at 219 W. Second St. The mansion housed about 1,200 college men during the previous 40 years.
Oct. 21 1932: A group of alumni, one a graduate of 1912, meet in the Auditorium to pledge their loyalty to their alma mater and some sign up for life membership in the Alumni Association.
Oct. 22 1915: The first Walkout Day takes place.
Oct. 22 1928: The College's first hockey tournament occurs.
Oct. 22 1995: Prior to an afternoon performance at the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts, Doc Severinsen and his Big Band call Johnny Carson and play "Happy Birthday" for him. Severinsen had appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Carson for 30 years. 
Oct. 22 2011: KXCV celebrates its 40th anniversary with a reunion dinner, featuring Liane Hansen, the award-winning host of National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Sunday," as the keynote speaker.
Oct. 23 1954: An estimated 12,000 people are in Maryville for the Homecoming parade, and the Tau Kappa Epsilon float burns.
Oct. 23 2009: Dr. John Jasinski is inaugurated as Northwest's 10th president.
 Oct. 23 1981: Northwest sets the world record for the largest domino chain.
Oct. 24 1949: The football stadium is named Memorial Stadium in honor of the men and women who served in the world wars.
Oct. 24 1985: Vandals steal the head of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Administration Building for the second time in two years.
Oct. 25 1920: The 1914 regulation forbidding fraternities and sororities on campus is amended to allow honor societies.
Oct. 26 1994: "Saturday Night Live" star and comedian Adam Sandler performs at the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts.
Oct. 27 2010: Northwest students and faculty receive an Award of Excellence for their work on the Jean Jennings Bartik Online Computing Museum at the fall conference for Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services in Norfolk, Va.
Oct. 31 1947: A sculptured Bearcat makes its first public appearance at Homecoming.
Oct. 31 2012: Comedian Steve-O, known for his stunts on the MTV series "Jackass," performs his stand-up act in the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts.