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Bearcat Peer Education

Bearcat Peer Education is a premier leadership opportunity within Wellness Services that utilizes the expertise of students who are trained to provide educational programs and outreach on various wellness topics. Their mission is to provide an effective peer network to encourage, support, and promote healthy living for all students.

We have three student organizations within Bearcat Peer Education:

Active Minds

A mental health advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness about mental health concerns and promoting student resiliency.

It's On Us

A student group whose aim is to build  Northwest community free from sexual and relationship violence by engaging all students, including young men, and activating the largest student organizing program of its kind in grassroots awareness and prevention education programs in three key areas: Peer-to-peer education, bystander training, and survivor support. This group is completely free and open to anyone who is interested. Typically meets once a month and has at least one event per month.

Student Wellness Advisory Council (SWAC)

The Student Wellness Advisory Council is a group of diverse students from all corners of campus who are typically (but not always) nominated by peers, advisors, faculty and staff to represent the student community in Wellness Services' affairs. This group works to advise and help direct changes and efforts Wellness Services provides to Northwest Missouri State University as well as bring new ideas and events that can better serve our students and campus community. Typically meets once a month or as needed.

Student Employment

Wellness Services has a number of student employment positions that provide Bearcats with valuable work experience during their time at Northwest.  Below is a very brief description of the positions available with Wellness Services:

  • Office Assistant, Front Office:  A customer-service position that provides the first point of contact to Wellness Center visitors and callers. Field phone calls, route information, schedule appointments, etc.
  • Lab Assistant, Clinic Services:  Assist Clinic staff with daily clinical operations including lab work, inventory tracking, stocking exam room supplies, and medical record data entry.
  • Social Media Assistant:  Work alongside the Wellness Education & Prevention team to create and maintain a valuable social media presence. Support and promote Wellness Services' programming and events, engage the Northwest community, and track/report metrics of success.
  • Graphic Design Assistant:  Using design software (Canva Pro, Adobe Illustrator), create digital and print graphics that support and promote Wellness Services' culture, programming, and events. Works alongside Social Media Assistant to support social media posts/campaigns. 

Keep an eye on Northwest's student employment website for openings!

Student Organizations

Joining a student organization can be a valuable step to establishing connection and a sense of belonging.  Wellness Services believes an engaged student is a successful student, and we encourage all students to explore Northwest's many organization offerings.

Visit the Office of Student Involvement's list of student organizations page to find a group that's right for you.

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