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Welcome to Student Employment

The Northwest Student Employment experience can be both fun and rewarding. It can give you an opportunity to explore and affirm your career choice, as well as gain critical skills that improve your marketability for professional employment. Earning money while going to school helps to finance your education, while providing you with the opportunity to become a valuable part of the campus community. 

Did you know research indicates that students who work part-time on-campus achieve a higher grade point average and promotes degree completion? Explore the importance of student employment and the many opportunities for learning as you navigate your way through this site.

Job Postings

Make sure to check this site at least once a week for new positions posted. Job postings are available for a minimum of of three days and include a description of the job, qualifications, hours available, and the supervisors name and contact information. To apply for a job contact the supervisor directly.

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Career Pathing

Career Pathing opportunities are now posted! 

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