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Academic Advisement

SSS employs a full-time Learning Services Coordinator who is available to assist student members with academic concerns. Topics commonly addressed include: time management, test-taking, study skills, self-discipline, etc. The Learning Services Coordinator is available for individual meetings and/or small group settings. Referrals will be made to the Talent Development Center, Writing Center and Math Lab for students needing course-specific assistance.

Financial Aid Advisement

The SSS Financial Literacy Coordinator will assist student members with understanding various types of financial assistance that are available and how to apply for aid. Scholarship search information is also available on an individual basis. Financing a college education can be quite stressful and confusing---our assistance in this area is available at any time.

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

TRIO Student Support Services participants may apply for competitive scholarship awards available exclusively to participants in the SSS program.  These scholarships are awarded based on participation, need and academic achievement.  The SSS program annually awards up to $24,500 in scholarships exclusively to TRIO SSS participants.  Additionally, members of TRIO SSS are eligible to apply for competitive regional TRIO scholarships.  The Financial Literacy Coordinator is available to assist participants with the scholarship application process.

Career Advisement

Through the use of the Type Focus Assessment and other instruments, SSS students can explore possible career interests quickly and conveniently. SSS works closely with the Office of Career Services in order to be able to address career-related needs. For students preparing to enter the labor force, SSS provides resume review sessions, interviewing preparation opportunities, and information related to internships and summer employment.

Personal Development

Personal development opportunities are also available through SSS. Gallups’s Clifton Strengths Finder StrengthsQuest assessment is completed by all incoming SSS participants with the results designed to give students the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents to achieve academic, career, and personal success. SSS also stresses leadership development. Each year SSS offers a leadership training workshop for its student members. As a result of these opportunities, it is anticipated you will learn more about your personal skills and interests, as well as improving your decision-making and problem solving skills.

Peer Mentoring

SSS members are paired with an SSS Peer Mentor. Peer Mentors are Northwest students who have an intricate knowledge of what it takes to be academically successful during college. Peer mentors will meet with you to discuss any concerns/questions you may have.

Resource Materials

SSS has its own resource library and it is reserved exclusively for program participants. Sample tests, study guides, videotapes, and a variety of additional learning aids are available for check-out. SSS students can also print/copy class-related material free of charge through the SSS office.

Cultural/Social Involvement

The SSS Program will plan and hold various cultural and social activities throughout the academic year. Tickets will be purchased by SSS for selected ENCORE events held at the university and a spring trip to a Kansas City Dinner Theater will be planned. Other social activities are held throughout the academic year. All of these activities are designed to allow members the opportunity to experience and appreciate social and cultural opportunities available at the university and in our geographic area.