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TRIO Student Support Services Summer Bridge Scholar Program Overview

What is Summer Bridge?

A program to “bridge” the gap between summer and the rigors of college-level material in the academic year.  The program provides a hands-on approach to introduce students to the support services available and will help you implement various learning skills and study techniques to prepare you to be successful throughout your college career.

Why should you attend Summer Bridge?

Besides getting a head start on your college career, you will

  • Build friendships with other students before the academic year begins,
  • Connect with staff and peers in a supportive learning environment,
  • Enhance your study skills in college-level reading, writing and critical thinking,
  • Become more familiar with the support and resources the TRIO SSS program provides and
  • Have fun!

How much does Summer Bridge cost you?

The Summer Bridge program is FREE to students accepted for the 2018-19 academic year. TRIO SSS pays for meals, housing, Summer Bridge course materials, workshops and activities. Students are encouraged to bring money for other miscellaneous personal expenses.

Where will I stay?

Incoming resident students will move into the residence hall room assigned to them or selected for the upcoming academic year. Off-campus students are eligible to participate in Summer Bridge, too. It is mandatory that off-campus students attend ALL scheduled activities if commuting from their residence.

What is the Acceptance Process?

  • Students must be admitted to Northwest and attend SOAR
  • Participants have an academic need, meet TRIO-SSS eligibility criteria and have applied to participate in the TRIO-SSS program and graduate within six years
  • Indicate your interest in attending the Scholars Summer Bridge program on the TRIO-SSS participant application.
  • Return your program eligibility, participant application by June 1
  • Selected participants will receive a phone call from the TRIO SSS staff for an interview at SOAR in June.

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