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Honors and Awards

TRIO Achiever Award

The TRIO Achiever Award is given to an outstanding TRIO graduate. There are three basic criteria for the TRIO Achiever award: the candidate has completed a post secondary education; the candidate is gainfully employed; and the candidate was an active member while in their respective TRIO program and remains an active community member. The TRIO Achiever Award recipient for the TRIO programs at Northwest is chosen by a panel consisting of the staff members of Northwest's TRIO programs.

Past Recipients

  • 2006 Mary Starke
  • 2005 Joseph Koeberl
  • 2004 Angela Mittan and Jennifer De Buhr
  • 2002 Rosalie Durbin
  • 2001 Chariti Brown Brewer
  • 2000 Melissa Farley
  • 1999 Dale Gary

Director's Award

The Student Support Director's Award is awarded to a student that embodies the ideals and principles of Student Support Services.

Past Recipients

  • 2005 Billy Henry
  • 2004 Jasmine Stilson
  • 2003 Jeannie Schaffer
  • 2002 Tabitha Simpson
  • 2001 Precious Tillman
  • 2000 Scott Ellis

SAC Presidents

The President of the Student Advisory Council is elected by members of SAC and serves a term of one academic year.

  • 2006 Nicole Williams
  • 2005 Krystle Smith
  • 2004 John Platt IV
  • 2003 Tabitha Simpson
  • 2002 Precious Tillman
  • 2001 Precious Tillman
  • 2000 Eva Hart

Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership Award is given to a member that exemplifies leadership ability and a drive toward enhancing the ability to lead.

Past Recipients

  • 2005 Nicole Williams
  • 2004 Krystle Smith
  • 2003 Bryce Lemke
  • 2002 Mario Porras
  • 2001 Tonya Coffelt
  • 2000 Precious Tillman

Northwest Student Employee Team of the Year, 2006

Student Employee Team of the Year

Top row (left to right): Hanna Cole, Shonté Byrd, Kelsey Luers, Mr. Joseph Cornelison (presenter), Brandon Heck, Joe Tucker

Bottom row (right to left): Rebecca Seitz, Nicole Williams, Abby Browning, Maggie Davis, Sara Carlson