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Anatomy of Templates

  1. University Navigation Bar
    1. Logo
    2. Office Name
    3. Hamburger Menu button - opens menu including the site navigation, see '5'.
  2. Header
    1. Header image - managed in the editor of each page. See '5' in the 'Anatomy of a page editor' section.
    2. Breadcrumbs - automatically created based on the folder structure/location of a page.
    3. Page Title - managed in the editor of each page. See '4' in the 'Anatomy of a page editor' section.
  3. BodyThe body content will vary depending on the template used.
  4. Footer
    1. Call-To-Action footer - universal on all pages.
    2. University Footer - universal on all pages.
  5. Hamburger Menu button (opened) - this menu holds the login button, directory, a-z index search, site search and your site navigation. Your site's navigation is customizable. 

template screenshot denoting key components.

(click to enlarge image)

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