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Anatomy of the Cascade Dashboard

Dashboard: The home area in the CMS containing widgets (tools) to help facilitate site management.

  1.  Toolbar
    1. Cascade logo - back to dashboard
    2. Site Selector - select site or type in box to filter
    3. My Content - view your recent assets, drafts and tasks; also available on the dashboard as a widget
    4. Search - Search for asset by name; enter keywords in box to search current site, then click Go to Full Search for additional search options
    5. Profile Settings - Personalization settings, history, notifications and tasks
    6. Hamburger Menu - contains Cascade CMS help and support, reports and a link to the publish queue.
  2. Widgets - these are all customizable for your account
    1. TIP: use the "My Content" widget to quickly find favorite assets, recent and drafts. Note this is also in the toolbar at all times for quick access.

Cascade dashboard screenshot denoting key components.

(click to enlarge image)

More on the Dashboard including how to customize it from Cascade CMS Knowledge Base.

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