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Anatomy of getting around Cascade

  1.  Toolbar - see Dashboard for the resources here already covered. New items:
    1. Add content - Click to create a new asset (page, folder, file). Refer to asset factories to have new shortcuts created. 
    2. Site Content - view current site at base folder in asset tree.
  2. Asset Tree - shows the folder structure and organization of the site. 
    1. Open/Close Toggle - Column can be minimized for a larger workspace or maximized for navigating. 
    2. Trash - deleted items are stored for 15-30 days depending on setting. Most site are set for 30 days.  
    3. Site Content - Folder structure of site that you can drill down into folders for assets within
    4. Context Menu - *Right Click* to access. This menu contains various tasks for an asset. 
    5. Favorite icon - Tip: use this to quickly access commonly edited assets in your "my content" widget or menu. 

Note: The asset tree is ordered alphabetically and does not reflect the order used for a site's navigation.

getting around Cascade screenshot denoting key components.

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