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Anatomy of the Workspace

  1. Folder Preview
    1. Checkboxes - Top-most checkbox selects/deselects all assets in folder. Custodians (managers) can use for further batch actions; individual checkboxes may also be selected.
    2. Folder View & Filter - Change layout of assets (thumbnails or list) and filter assets for quick search.
    3. Folder Asset List - List of assets within selected folder.
  2. Asset or Page Preview 
    1. Action Toolbar - Tasks available for a selected item.
    2. Asset Title/Name & Path - Title of page or name of file, and path of asset relative to the base folder of the site.
    3. Siteimprove widget - if you use Siteimprove this is a shortcut to some of its tools relating to the page you are viewing.

Note: The asset tree is ordered alphabetically and does not reflect the order used for a site's navigation.

Cascade workspace screenshot denoting key components.

(click to enlarge image)

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