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The Writing Center

The Writing Center sounds like one of those places every university must have in order to fill some sort of campus academic service requirement. Students might occasionally wander in and have to clear cobwebs from the doorframe. Not at Northwest. The Northwest Writing Center is usually packed with students -- so much so, in fact, that students are asked to schedule appointments as soon as they can, whether the appointment be days or weeks away. Why is the Writing Center so busy? They offer expert tutoring at a cheap rate -- free! The Writing Center is staffed by graduate and undergraduate English majors who aren't there simply because they know how to write well, but because they are making a career out of writing instruction.

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B.D. Owens Library

B.D. Owens Library is much more than a library, but I'm not going to wax poetic over their excellence. I'll let them do that instead.

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Other Area Libraries

If you're a student who is serious about research, you've probably come to the conclusion that only two or three libraries in the country have "everything." Inter-library loan is an excellent service provided by our library, but even it can fail to get a much-needed source occasionally. Fortunately, there are other libraries within a few hours of campus that, when combined with what Northwest offers, can virtually guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

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