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Faculty and Staff Directory

Name Phone Email Specialization
Daniel Biegelson 660.562.1266 dbiegel American Studies; 20th-21st Century Poetry
Kori Binette 660.562.0811 binette Contemporary American Literature; Gender Studies
Dr. Ashley Black 660.562.1853 adavis English Education; Young Adult Literature
Dr. Richard Black 660.562.1744 rblack American Literature and Culture
Stancy Bond 816.344.6220 stancy Composition and Writing
Dr. Wayne Chandler 660.562.1860 chandlr Early British Literature; Science Fiction
Jaime Collins 660.562.1265 jaimec Office Manager
Dr. Eric Dickey 660.562.1737 edickey Contemporary Spanish Literature; Spain
Dr. John Gallaher 660.562.1739 jjg Creative Writing; 20th-21st Century Poetry
Dr. Robin Gallaher 660.562.1740 rcg Writing Studies; Writing Program Administration (Department Chair)
Tom Hardee 660.562.1374 thardee Early American Literature; Religions Studies
Dr. Joseph Haughey 660.562.1389 haughey English Education; Shakespeare
Dr. Heather Hill 660.562.1281 hhill Composition; Writing; Linguistics (Composition Coordinator)
Dr. Michael Hobbs 660.562.1285 mhobbs Modern American Poetry
C J (Catherine) Holthaus 660.562.1280 cjholt English
Christopher Komorech n/a ckomo Composition; Writing
Sondra Langley 660.562.1458 slangley Academic Advisor and Success Coach
Maria Maguire n/a mmaguire Spanish Online
Amanda McCain n/a amccain Composition
Dr. Trevor Meyer 660.562.1264 tmeyer Rhetoric; Professional & Technical Writing
Dr. Ildi Olasz 660.562.1567 olasz Victorian Literature; Reception Studies
Dr. Jose Palacios Perez 660.562.1268 jpperez Spanish; Creative Writing
Luke Rolfes 660.562.1748 lrolfes Creative Writing; Contemporary Short Fiction
Brenda Ryan n/a bryan --
Dr. Jenny Rytting 660.562.1741 rytting Medieval Literature; Jane Austen
Richard Sonnenmoser 660.562.1742 rsonnen Creative Writing
Kenton Wilcox 660.562.1854 kwilcox Composition; World Literature