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Composition at Northwest

Our department offers English 111, 112, and 115 which satisfy Northwest's undergraduate general education written communication requirement View PDF as well as English 110, a developmental writing class, for students who need further preparation before enrolling in English 111.

We also offer an assortment of undergraduate and graduate writing courses for those students who want:

  • Additional writing practice
  • More experience reading and responding to outside texts
  • A forum for more in-depth study of writing theory and writing issues

Our writing courses:

  • Are structured to provide students individual writing instruction as well as class-based instruction
  • Give students the opportunity to complete a variety of writing tasks
  • Emphasize the power of the writing process
  • Allow students and instructors to work together to improve the students' understanding of their own writing processes.

Students who wish to receive additional assistance with their writing and reading skills, beyond that available from their instructor, are encouraged to use The Writing Center.