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The Department of Language, Literature, and Writing at Northwest is an energetic, diverse community of teacher-scholars. Among us are creative writers, literary scholars, linguists, compositionists, and English education specialists. Our faculty work in English, Spanish, French, and classical languages. We love to read, write, think, and speak about the human experience. We're dedicated to enhancing our students' critical thinking and communication abilities, as well as their imaginative lives.

With 27 full-time faculty, the Department of Language, Literature, and Writing represents a highly diverse and active group of teacher-scholars.

We currently have 125 students in our department and had 29 students graduate from the program in the past year.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is managed by our department. It offers tutoring and other services to all Northwest students. Many students from the department gain valuable experience as writing tutors or student managers! Students also have the opportunity to work as writing fellows with faculty in classrooms.  

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