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Dr. Michael Hobbs

Dr. Michael Hobbs



2850 Colden Hall



Joined Northwest in 1993



  • PhD in English
  • MA in English
  • BA in English

Courses Taught

Graduate courses taught at Northwest

  • English 532 Hawthorne and Melville
  • English 561 The American Short Story
  • English 582 Contemporary Poetry
  • English 630 American Transcendentalism
  • English 634 The American Realists
  • English 663 The American Novel from 1920-1945
  • English 664 The American Novel Since 1945
  • English 690 Methods of Research in English

Special topics Graduate courses taught at Northwest

  • English 525 Special Studies (The American Comic Novel)
  • English 621 Problems in Scholarship (Twentieth-Century Poetry: Beauty in Ruins)
  • English 621 Problems in Scholarship (Imaginary or Real: The Great Divide in Twentieth-Century Poetry)
  • English 621 Problems in Scholarship (Modern Poetry and the Long Poem)

Undergraduate courses taught at Northwest

  • English 111 Composition
  • English 111 Composition (Academy)
  • English 112 Composition
  • English 112 Composition (Academy)
  • English 220 Introduction to Literature
  • English 224 Multiethnic Literature of the United States
  • English 234 American Literature: 1865 to the Present
  • English 363 The American Novel

Academic Interests

  • Modern American Poetry
  • Native American Literature
  • Modernism and Postmodernism
  • Literary Theory (Bakhtin, Derrida, Barthes, Baudrillard)

Scholarly Activity

Most Recent Publications

  • "Writing on Hardscrabble: Walt McDonald's ‘Suddenly Fabulous Desert'" accepted for publication in Southwestern American Literature.  (Fall 2005)
  • "‘An Orgy of Acquisition': Intellectual and Commercial Ownership in The Professor's House."  Teaching Cather 3 (Spring 2003): 4-7.
  •  "Walt McDonald's Beautiful Wasteland." The Waltz He Was Born For: An Introduction to the Writing of Walt Mcdonald.  Ed. by Janice Whittington and Andrew Hudgins.  Lubbock, Texas: Texas Tech UP, 2002.  62-79.

Most Recent Presentations

  • "‘In the Excitements of Silence': Outliving the Self in Falling Man." The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900 (Spring 2009).
  • "West of the Imagination: Walt McDonald's ‘Aesthetic du Mal.'" American Literature Association Conference (Spring 2007).
  • "Wallace Stevens and Seamus Heaney: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Escapism."  Twentieth Century Literature Conference (Spring 2006).
  • "‘A Tune Beyond Us': Ideas of Evasion in Wallace Stevens and Mikhail Bakhtin." Twentieth Century Literature Conference (Spring 2005).