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First, we would like to thank you for your interest in Northwest. Northwest has moderately selective admissions criteria, and the various ways of meeting those requirements can be found on the Admissions site.

For those who are interested in auditioning for a music performance scholarship, you are encouraged to complete the application below. Audition dates and deadlines are on the application form.

Music Performance Scholarship Award and Audition Application
(for First Year Student)

Upon entrance to Northwest, students may declare any major, including music. However, the department has prerequisites for admission to certain courses that are important for incoming students to know.

  1. Students who intend to major in vocal or instrumental music education will also need to take a piano placement exam, please contact Dr. Anthony Olson.
  2. For all levels of applied study, students must have the permission of the instructor and/or the faculty within the area of study. Entering freshmen will be heard by applied faculty before the drop/add period closes to determine acceptance to applied study. Students unable to demonstrate sufficient performance skills will be admitted on a trial basis. Permission to continue will be decided at the end of the first term on the basis of a jury performance.