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Wind Symphony Auditions - Fall 2024

Auditions for the 2024-25 Wind Symphony, Northwest’s auditioned, selective concert (instrumental) ensemble, will be held the first three days of classes, August 26, 27, and 28. Complete the request form below if you would like to schedule an audition when scheduling links go live (August 1), and to receive audition information in addition to what on this page.

Wind Symphony Audition Information Request Form

All students enrolled at Northwest are welcome to audition, regardless of major, and those students receiving instrumental performance awards (scholarships) are required to audition. Instruments are available to all students accepted to Northwest, if needed, to prepare audition materials. If you need to check out a school-owned instrument, use the link below or email Dr. Strickland ( and copy/cc Instrument Manager Paige Rodewald (

Request for School-Owned Instrument

Audition Requirements

Auditions will include the excerpts linked below, two major scales (one selected by the panel, one by the auditioner), and sight-reading.

Interested students must be registered for and attend Wind Symphony course meeting times, Tuesday/Thursday, 12:30-1:50. Exceptions may be granted on a limited basis for students who have an unavoidable class conflict (a required course that cannot be taken at another time) one day per week. If you are aware of a class conflict in your schedule, please indicate it on the form linked above.

Students selected as members of the Wind Symphony must also take part in two sectional rehearsals per concert cycle, to be scheduled outside of class time. These will be led by faculty or qualified section members. Scheduling will be based on member availability.

Audition Materials

Auditioners will be required to perform:

  1. The excerpts linked below that are assigned to your instrument.
  2. One major scale, chosen by the audition panel, and one of your choosing.
  3. A short sight-reading excerpt.

Woodwind Information

Please note that performance example links are linked within the music for each instrument below. Auditioners are strongly encouraged to listen to the examples and refer to them as a model of successful performance of the excerpts.

  • Flute View PDF – if you wish to audition for piccolo, please do so ALONG WITH an audition for flute.
  • Oboe/English horn View PDF – oboe and English horn excerpts are bundled together. Those auditioning on oboe are not required to also audition on English horn—but those auditioning on English horn ARE required to audition on oboe as well.
  • Bassoon View PDF – audition materials are self-explanatory.
  • All Clarinets View PDF – please take note of the separate audition materials for bass clarinet. Contra clarinet will be assigned, as needed, based on the bass clarinet audition.
  • Saxophone View PDF – all saxophones will perform the same audition excerpts.

Brass Information

  • Trumpet View PDF – please note the performance example links posted along with the required excerpts. Auditioners are strongly encouraged to listen to the examples and refer to them as a model for successful performance of the selections. Also, take note that the 2nd etude must be double-tongued.
  • Low Brass View PDF – all low brass excerpts are included on the same PDF. Please be sure to prepare the correct required materials for your chosen instrument. If you would like to be considered for more than one instrument, prepare auditions for each and register for each.

Percussion Information

Percussionists will be required to prepare short excerpts on snare drum, timpani, xylophone, marimba (4 mallets), tambourine and cymbals. You will be required to tune the timpani prior to playing and must have your own mallets. Northwest will provide all instruments. Links to sample performances of the materials are easily found on YouTube, and auditioners are strongly encouraged to seek them out to assist with preparation. 

Audition Materials View PDF

The principal percussionist will be responsible for assigning parts within the ensemble, in collaboration with Dr. Strickland. 

Schedule Your Audition

Auditions will be held in the Fine Arts building, with locations to be shared via email to those who complete the registration form linked above. Dr. Strickland, Director of the Wind Symphony, will screen auditions along with available additional music faculty.

The links below will be active by August 1, and must be used to schedule your audition day and time. You will not be allowed to miss a class for your audition. We will work with your schedule if none of the available times work for you.

  • Schedule a woodwind audition: link will activate August 1.
  • Schedule a brass audition: link will activate August 1.
  • Schedule a percussion audition: link will activate August 1. 

 Questions about Wind Symphony Auditions? Message Dr. Katy Strickland at