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Where do I start?

Your first step is to apply for financial aid. You should also explore scholarship options.

Have I done everything I need to for my financial aid to be on time?

Here are ways to check on your progress:

  • Check CatPAWS to make sure your enrollment level is full-time. If you will not be attending full-time, contact our office.
  • Check CatPAWS to make sure you have completed all financial aid requirements.
  • Carefully review the financial aid checklist.

How do I pay for college if my parents do not take out the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan?

Because of federal loan limits, students may not have enough federal funds to cover all tuition, housing and food, books, supplies, and personal expenses. If students are looking for a source of aid to replace the offered Parent PLUS Loan, students have the option of applying for an Alternative Student Loan.

If a parent is ineligible for the PLUS, they may appeal the credit decision, pursue the loan with the help of a cosigner, or the student may request additional unsubsidized loans.

Note: federal loan limits determine the amount of additional unsubsidized loans.

What do I do if I have accepted all of my financial aid and it is still not enough to pay for school?

If you do not have enough federal aid to cover all costs associated with attending Northwest Missouri State University, we recommend speaking with a counselor in our office during drop-in hours.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Not only must you apply for financial aid, but you must meet specific criteria to be eligible for aid. This includes eligibility requirements, rights and responsibilities, and aggregate Pell Grant and loan limits.

How do I qualify for resident tuition rates?

Out-of-state students seeking eligibility for in-state tuition rates may review the eligibility requirements at Northwest Missouri State University.

My financial situation has changed since filing the FAFSA. What are my options?

For unique circumstances such as the loss of a job, a large reduction in income, or extraordinary medical expenses, please do the following:

Contact a financial aid counselor to provide details of the changes to your financial situation as well as prepare to gather income documentation such as tax documents, W2s, pay stubs, etc.

I am a veteran. What other services are available to me?

Financial aid is available for students that apply, and are eligible to receive Veterans Resources.

Where is my financial aid refund?

Financial aid typically pays to your NW account a week after classes begin each term. If your financial aid is greater than the amount owed on your NW account, a refund is issued. To check the disbursement date for a given term, use the academic calendar.

If this date has come and you have not received your aid, it may be due to one of these common reasons:

  • You have financial aid that requires full-time enrollment and you are not registered in enough credit hours.
  • You are not making satisfactory academic progress.
  • You have not completed all requirements to be eligible for aid.
  • Your aid has paid, but was not larger than your bill.
  • If none of these reasons apply to you, contact us.

How do I know if the course I'm taking at a different college/university qualifies me for a Consortium Agreement?

Consortium agreements are for courses that are not available at Northwest and are necessary to complete degree requirements. 

Students choosing to enroll in courses from other institutions concurrently with their Northwest enrollment must file a completed financial aid consortium agreement for each term with our office.

Each student is responsible for initiating consortium agreements for hours taken each term at institutions other than Northwest.

Students must have grades from classes covered by a consortium agreement transferred back to Northwest before aid for future terms will be released.

An outside agency needs your office to provide information about my financial aid to verify my eligibility for their program. Can your office help?

Yes, we can help. If the agency has a form they would like completed, please bring in or email the form to our office so we can complete the school section. We will then give the completed form back to you to submit to the agency if you so choose.

Note: The Higher Education Act does not allow us to share data from your FAFSA directly with certain outside agencies, even with your written permission.

Where can I find information about loan repayment?

See Federal Student Loan for more information about repayment options, forgiveness programs, and consolidation.

Where can I find out how much I borrowed in student loans?

You can access your aggregate student loan borrowing by logging in with your FSA ID and password to

What about summer financial aid?

Every summer term undergraduate students must complete a separate paper application to be eligible for summer financial aid. That application can be found at Important Cost and Financial Aid Forms when it becomes available each year. Graduate students are packaged year-round, and do not need to complete this separate application.

Where can I find a glossary of terms and definitions?

View our important notes, definitions and disclaimers »