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Northwest Retiree Association


Welcome to the Northwest Retiree Association

Northwest Retiree Association is a new organization for all Northwest retirees. Its intent is to continue our relationship with each other and Northwest Missouri State University. To that end, our goals include:

  • Assist retirees in the transition to retired life.
  • Create a community of retirees that provides social and intellectual activities among the members.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the university.
  • Host annual or bi-annual meetings.
  • Sponsor a newsletter where we can keep up with what Northwest retirees are doing around the country.

Membership: Open to all Northwest retirees and their spouses/partners. We also invite retirees who worked at Northwest, relocated, but are vested in the University retirement system.

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Board of Directors

Office Name
President Joel Benson
Vice President Rosalie Weathermon
Secretary Christine Benson
Treasurer Theo Ross
Board Member Bob Dewhirst
Board Member Johanne Fairchild
Board Member Karen Schaffer
Board Member Jim Eiswert
Ex-Officio Member Janice Brandon-Falcone
Webmaster Jolaine Zweifel
Newsletter Editor Bob Dewhirst