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Northwest Retiree Association


Welcome to the Northwest Retiree Association

Northwest Retiree Association is a new organization for all Northwest retirees.  Its intent is to continue our relationship with each other and Northwest Missouri State University.  To that end, our goals include:

  • Assist retirees in the transition to retired life.
  • Create a community of retirees that provides social and intellectual activities among the members.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the university.
  • Host annual or bi-annual meetings.
  • Sponsor a newsletter where we can keep up with what Northwest retirees are doing around the country.

Membership:  Open to all Northwest retirees and their spouses/partners. We also invite retirees who worked at Northwest, relocated, but are vested in the University retirement system.

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    - Visit this page for calendar of events, volunteer opportunities and resources for seniors. 

2019-2020 Board of Directors

President Jim Eiswert
Vice President Rich Fulton
Secretary Jolaine Zweifel
Treasurer Ray Courter
Board Member Janice Brandon-Falcone
Board Member Nancy Hardee
Board Member Rego Jones
Board Member Karen Schaffer
Board Member Rosalie Weathermon