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Northwest Alumni Chapters

Northwest Alumni Chapters

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Northwest Alumni Chapters

Chapter Year Contact Links
Kansas City Chapter 2001 Rick Reeve Facebook Twitter
Arizona Chapter 2001 Micah Walker Facebook
Band Alumni Chapter 2001 Katie Nienow Facebook

Maryville Chapter

2001 Faust Center for Alumni & Friends
St. Joseph Chapter 2002 Martin and Gretchen Curley Facebook
Central Iowa Chapter 2002 Melissa Mincy Blog   Facebook
Western Iowa/Eastern Nebraska Chapter 2003 Faust Center for Alumni & Friends Facebook
Colorado Chapter 2004 Suzie Schuckman Facebook

Southern California Chapter

2004 Ashley Leger

Japan Chapter

2005 Yuki Osawa
Southern Iowa Chapter 2006 Faust Center for Alumni & Friends Facebook

Dallas Chapter

2006 Faust Center for Alumni & Friends
Mid-Missouri Chapter 2007 Dave Teeter Facebook

Chicago Chapter

2008 Alex Drury   
St. Louis Chapter 2008 Aaron Bunch Facebook
Springfield Chapter 2009 Mark DeVore Facebook

Eastern Iowa Chapter

2010 Faust Center for Alumni & Friends

Twin Cities Chapter

2010 Joyce Roddy

Gridiron Chapter

2011 Ryan George
Washington DC Chapter 2015 Mary Stoll  Facebook

Black Alumni Chapter

2017 Tory Tucker

Theatre Alumni Chapter

2019 Jerry Nevins

Atlanta Chapter - NEW

2021 Lisa Beringer

Carolinas Chapter - NEW

2021 Godwin Mordi

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