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Agricultural Communications

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In today's environment, we need more people who are willing to advocate and speak up for the agriculture community. If this is something you're passionate about, look no further than Northwest's agricultural communications minor!

Why Study Agricultural Communications at Northwest

The agricultural communications minor teaches students about agriculture sales, marketing and communication. This program focuses on the foundations of agricultural science combined with the fundamentals of public relations, journalism and media. Students will learn how to advocate for agriculture by explaining science, technologies and complex agricultural issues to the community. They will receive the tools and knowledge needed to communicate effectively across various platforms.

Not sure which majors align well with an agricultural communications minor? Combine this minor with majors like agricultural business, agricultural media or communications! The possibilities are endless. For more information, review our academic catalog.

Career ready
Agronomy and agricultural business

“Nothing in your life or job is going to be given to you. Athletics and academics at Northwest have taught me to be resilient through adversity.” — Ben Althoff

Career Opportunities

  • Marketing
  • Grain merchandising
  • Agricultural finance
  • Agricultural lender
  • Soil conservationist
  • Precision ag specialist

Learning Resources

R.T. Wright University Farm is a 448-acre facility that provides profession-based learning experience with livestock and crops.

Learning Resources

Agricultural Learning Center (ALC)

Opened in 2021, the 29,000 square-foot Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) houses classrooms, laboratories, exposition and office spaces.

Agricultural Learning Center (ALC)
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