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Mathematics - B.S. to M.S.

Program(s) Available: Accel

At Northwest, Master of Science in Mathematics is a sequenced program that allow completion of both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in five years. The coursework throughout the program incorporates a blended format.

Undergraduate mathematics majors within 30 hours of completing their undergraduate degree in Mathematics, with a GPA of 2.8 overall and 3.2 in mathematics may apply for admission to the accelerated program. Students in this option can complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics in 5 years.

Why Study Mathematics - B.S. to M.S. at Northwest

The Mathematics program offers a variety of courses emphasizing conceptual and practical knowledge, and elective coursework provides an exploration of newly developing trends in various fields including data mining, new advancements in instructional technology and mathematics curriculum development. A Master of Science in Mathematics offers the flexibility and freedom to attend class in a way that fits your schedule by allowing you to watch lectures anytime online, watching lectures during scheduled class time for interaction with the instructor or by attending class in the traditional classroom setting.

Please review the policy section on Accelerated Programs for additional information.

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